2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut

2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut

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A big tragedy has happened in Beirut ( The capital of Lebanon ). An unexpected blast near the port city of Lebanon is done. Not even any terrorist group claimed this attack or a blast. According to the media, at least 135 people lost their lives and 4000 + have been injured in this blast. The 2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut arise and have a possibility to find out those, who are responsible for this big tragedy.

The blast originated in a warehouse of Beirut’s port, but it was felt more than 160 miles away across the Mediterranean on the island of Cyprus. It is estimated that more than a quarter-million people were made in a flash, homeless due to this massive blast.






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Here are the 2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut that killed 135+ people ;





 2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut
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According to the research, it is founded that there are 2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut, that led to this death and destruction.



  • Presence of Ammonium Nitrate in Warehouse.
  • Possibility of a terrorist blast.


Conversations about Ammonium Nitrate;


In 2013, a strange ship reached at Beirut port to get repaired and that ship was actually covering the route from Georgia to Melbourne. While arriving from the journey, it reached at Beirut port. That ship contained at least 2700 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate.  When the Lebanon administration founded Ammonium Nitrate in that ship then they decided to stop the journey of the ship. Because that ship did not even have documentation about the presence of Ammonium Nitrate. So, Lebanon govt. stored Ammonium Nitrate into the warehouse which was situated near the Beirut’s port.


Feature of Ammonium Nitrate;


It is used as a fertilizer but if we add some other material in it like Alumina powder or fuel, then it initiates a massive blast like uranium. So, somebody has included this kind of chemical in Ammonium Nitrate to blast.

  The conversation about Terrorist Blast over there ;


Lebanon country is surrounded by some Islamic countries like Jordan, Syria, Iraq etc including Israel as well. These neighbouring countries are having a lot of terrorist groups like ISIS in Iraq, Hizbullah in Lebanon etc. It is estimated that this massive attack or a blast might have done by these terror organisations to create their dominance.

Donald Trump’s Statements;



 2 Possible Causes for Massive Blast in Beirut
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US President Donald Trump said;  There is a possibility of Israel’s involvement in this blast because there is a terrorist group in Beirut named as ” Hezbollah ” who has been declared as a terrorist group by United Nations, So that is why Israel did not want to spare that terrorist group because they are the neighbours of Israel and is quite risky for Israel. But Israel strongly has claimed that there is no involvement of us in this tragedy.


Second thing is that it must be a terror attack by its own terrorist group ” Hezbollah ” in collaboration with Iraq’s ISIS terrorist organisation.


Hezbollah Terrorist Group in Lebanon;




Hezbollah is a terror group active in Lebanon, and it had been declared as a terrorist group by Gulf Arab of States including the United Nations as well. This terrorist organisation works in Lebanon both internally as well as externally.  It also involves in Lebanon’s administration work. 

It also has connections with ISISI ( The richest terrorist group in the world ). But the main thing is that it wants to create its dominance in Lebanon’ administration.




Israel is the only country in the western zone, which is surrounded by Islamic countries like Syria, Jordan, Philippines etc.  And a lot of terror groups are active in these neighbouring countries like ISIS, Hezbollah. Israel is very much aware of these terrorist Organisations and this is the reason why Israel has still created dominance in these countries. Israel also faced a lot of intrusion of Hezbollah in Israel’s territory like China’s intrusion in India.



Further investigation is still going on and surely within some weeks, it will be clear that why this blast has been happened in Beirut and who the hell is responsible for this kind of coward activity. But it is estimated that the terror group Hezbollah is responsible for this deadly blast. While on the other side, Israel has proved that it was involved in this tragedy. 

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