59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.

59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.

59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt. Various big apps are involved in the list of banned apps. This may be called as economic surgical strike on China by Indian government because China made these apps and earned millions from India users. Indian government has taken this decision of banning these apps just because the relationships between these two countries are getting weak in these days due to Indo-China stand off at Galwan Valley in Ladakh region.

Recent News;

  • Recently, 59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt. a major decision taken by India for the sovereignty of nation.
  • Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad ( Minister of Law and justice of India ) has recently tweeted and announced that almost 59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.
59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.
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  • In his words, he wants to suggest every Indian citizen to boycott Chinese apps and just ready for own digital India.
  • This is all about the safety, sovereignty, security and integrity of nation to take stand together against China economically.
  • As India wants to retaliate China both by defensive and economic parameters. That is why Indian government has taken this kind of decision.
  • The main motive of Indian government by banning Chinese apps is to motivate each and every citizen to fight against China. It is encouraging that not only Indian soldiers can defend China but also Indian youth can retaliate China by boycotting their products and apps.  

List of 59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.;

59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.
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  • TikTok.
  • Kwai.
  • UC Browser.
  • Baidu map.
  • Shareit.
  • Shein.
  • Clash of Kings.
  • DU battery saver.
  • Helo.
  • Likee.
  • YouCam makeup.
  • Mi Community.
  • CM Browser.
  • Virus Cleaner.
  • APUS Browser.
  • ROMWE.
  • Club Factory.
  • Newsdog.
  • Beauty plus.
  • We Chat.
  • UC news.
  • QQ mail.
  • Weibo.
  • Xender.
  • QQ music.
  • QQ newsfeed.
  • Bigo Live.
  • Selfie City.
  • Mail Master.
  • Parallel Space.
  • Mi Video call-Xiaomi.
  • WeSync.
  • ES File Explorer.
  • Viva video-QU Video Inc.
  • Meitu.
  • Vigo Video.
  • New Video Status.
  • DU Recorder.
  • Vault-hide.
  • Cache Cleaner DU App Studio.
  • DU Cleaner.
  • DU Browser.
  • Hago Play with New friends.
  • Cam Scanner.
  • Clean Master-Cheetah mobile.
  • Wonder Camera.
  • Photo Wonder.
  • QQ Player.
  • We Meet.
  • Sweet Selfie.
  • Baidu Translate.
  • Vmate.
  • QQ International.
  • QQ Security Centre.
  • QQ Launcher.
  • U video.
  • V fly Status Video.
  • Mobile Legends.
  • DU Privacy.
  • Why India Has Banned these Mobile Apps ?

59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.
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As we know that Indian users used to prefer these Apps for their own works and purposes but now that works have been stopped for some time because Indian government has recently taken a big decision of banning these 59 Chinese Apps. There are a lot of reasons for banning these Apps but Indian users have to cooperate with the government and should have a patience because Indian will launch its own mobile Apps for its citizens to make digital India.

  • Big reasons for banning these Mobile Apps;

  • Recently from fews weeks, India-China stand off is going on at Galwan Valley in Ladakh. In 15 June 2020, 20 Indian soldiers got martyred in this stand off because this situation came into worse at that point of time.
  • To retaliate China, India took some strong actions at the borders by giving orders to soldiers to bring weapons and use them whenever needed.
  • So some where, India is completely ready to defend China economically, digitally and by defensive style as well.
  • China earns millions of dollars from these Apps users. For eg. In India almost 10 crore people use tiktok and it can be imagine that how much of dollars does China earns from India digitally.
  • China’s Investment/Share in India;

59 Chinese Apps strictly banned by Indian Govt.
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As According to the above graph, the following parameters shows the Chinese investment into India from 2000 to 2015 but now the investment has been increased;

  • China’s FDI Equity inflows in Automobiles is $750.59 million.
  • Metallurgical FDI Equity inflows is about $178.13 million.
  • Electrical equipment FDI Equity inflows is about $51.49 million.
  • Industrial Machinery FDI Equity inflows is about $50.70 million.
  • Power Generation FDI Equity inflows is about $36.94 million.
  • Others FDI Equity inflows is about $183.47 milion.

China accounts for a sizable portion of India’s top imports. It has also been the top exporter of products like electrical machinery, equipment and their parts, nuclear reactors, organic and inorganic chemicals, fertilizers as well as vehicles, their parts and accessories. In several cases, China’s contribution is much higher than the second largest exporter countries of these products of India.

  • India imports at-least 45% electronic products from China.
  • If we talk about organic chemicals, then India imports 2/5 of organic chemicals from China.
  • Various other companies of China like Ali Baba, Ten cent has a stake in India. Also China has invested in Paytm, Zomato etc which are also in force into India.
  • From 2015-2019, Chinese companies have invested $5.5 billion in India.

Exports by China in India;

Even as an export market, China is a major partner for India. At $15.5 billion, it is the third largest destination for Indian shipments. At the same time, India only accounts for a little over per cent of China;s total exports, according to the Federation of Indian export organisation. 

Investments by Chinese Investors in Indian Startups from 2014-2020;









No. of Deals

















Technically, we can say that banning of these 59 apps will affect Chinese economy but India is more depended on China in terms of electrical equipment, chemical fertilizers, digital mechanisms etc. India only provides services more than manufacturing and imports maximum from China. Various big companies like OLA, Paytm, Policy Bazars, Dream elevan, Zomato, Big Basket,etc in which China has more investment since long time. And in India, these companies are working in a large amount. So, somewhere, it is quite difficult to boycott each and every thing of China because India will face sudden loses if India will suddenly boycott these companies.  





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