7 pistols, 20 grenades captured by police in URI in collaboration with Indian Security Forces

7 pistols, 20 grenades captured by police in URI

In the eve of Independence Day, another coward activity is seen in URI sector of Jammu and Kashmir region. But with the hard efforts of local police and with the dedication of Indian Security Forces, 7 pistols, 20 grenades captured by police in URI,  this coward activity has been break-off strategically otherwise it would be quite risky for the regional peace over there.


Recent News ;

  1. On 15 August 2020, Police and CRPF including Indian Army have recovered 7 Pistols and 20 grenades among other arms and ammunition in Boniyar URI in Baramulla district, the official said.
  2. A police officer told that based on specific inputs about the presence of weapons and ammunition cache, a joint team of police and army recovered 7 pistols, 20 grenades including some other arms and ammunition.
  3. 73 AK rounds, two detonators and 20 grenades besides some Pakistani currency at Trenarian Nallah in Lachipora area.

Recent tweets on the terrorist attack in J&K ;




How 7 pistols, 20 grenades captured by police in URI?


7 pistols, 20 grenades captured by police in URI
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According to Inspector General of Police, It was a joint operation led by both Jammu Kashmir police with the help of intelligence Bureau. The intelligence agency had been investigating in that area where these arms and ammunition have been recovered since the Israel-UAE diplomatic relations.


They said;  Pakistan has felt jealous of India and Israel to be with the United Arab Emirates, that is why it has been providing arms and ammunition illegally to the local people of Jammu and Kashmir to create internal disturbances by spreading terrorism.


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Point to be noted ;

Pakistan is supplying arms and ammunition to the locals of Kashmir illegally.



Pakistan’s Strategy on Kashmir ;


20 grenades captured by police in URI
image source google.com


As we know that after the abrogation of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan got too much frustrated by this decision of Modi govt.  And now, the relationships of Israel and UAE in negotiations by Donald Trump have been developed. So, somewhere Pakistan is not happy with this because these nations are getting closer to India.


By observing all these parameters and especially on Kashmir issue, Pakistan appealed the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ). But OIC rejected this proposal of Pakistan because OIC said that we cannot interfere in the country’s matters.


After that Pakistan had decided to set up its own Islamic bloc in collaboration with some Islamic countries like Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Yemen, Afghanistan etc.


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Point to be noted ;

Pakistan and China have signed an intelligence-sharing deal, which may harm India in Kashmir and USA in Afghanistan.



How India will react against these activities?


India has decided to defend both Pakistan and China on the northern front. India has been developing massive relations with other countries like Russia, United States of America, Israel, United Arab Emirates, South Arabia, Japan, South Korea etc . And has also declared its own independent scheme for defence sector named as “ Defense Production and Promotion Policy “.


Under this scheme Indian govt. will invest at least 1.75 lakh crore on defence sector up to 2025, which involves the production of various artillery guns, rifles, grenades, boffo guns etc. It is estimated that India will exports this defensive equipment globally with the worth of 34,000 crores.


Point to be noted ;

India has recently welcomed 5 Rafael jets from France,  A pilot named as Hilal Ahmed ( hails from Kashmir ) will be the first pilot to fly Rafael jet. 



Conclusion ;


According to our analysis, the terrorist recruitment in the Kashmir valley has fallen. In 2018, 219 Kashmiri persons recruited in terrorist groups as a terrorist, 116 in 2019 and now in 2020 it dropped to 75. It has been cleared that after the abrogation of article 370, how terror recruitment has fallen in Kashmir valley. This is a great victorious moment for the whole country and it should be given to India initially.



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