|| Including Dawood Ibrahim ||, 88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF ! Is Pakistan Playing Game with world ?

88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF

Now a big action by FATF ( Financial Action Task Force ) on Pakistan in order to stop funding terrorism. That is why 88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF, now the question arises, Will Pakistan really stop terrorist activities?


Recent News;

  1. Pakistan has recently applied sanctions on 88 terrorists including Dawood Ibrahim.
  2. Financial Action Task Force ( FATF ) has warned Pakistan to stop funding terrorism.
  3. Bank accounts, property, businesses and passports-licences of these 88 terrorists have now under the control of Pakistan govt. on the warning of FATF.
  4. Hafiz Sayed, Masood Azhar, Lakhvi and Dawood Ibrahim are the top listed terrorists in this list of 88 terrorists.



Proof ;



Financial Action Task Force ;


88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF
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Financial Action Task Force is a Paris-based intergovernmental organisation that designs and promotes motives and levels to combat financial crime. It mainly works against money laundering, terror financing and other financial threats throughout the world. It was formed in 1989 at the behest of the G-7 and is headquartered in Paris.


The rise of the international economy and global trade has initiated financial crimes like money laundering. The Financial Action Task Force makes recommendations for combating financial crimes, reviews members policies and strategies, and wants to exceed acceptance of anti-money laundering regulations throughout the world. Because money launderers and others alter their strategies to avoid apprehension.


Member countries of the Financial Action Task Force ;


S.NoMember Countries
9European Commission
14Gulf Cooperation Council
15Hong Kong, China
22South Korea
27New Zealand
30Russian Federation
31Saudi Arabia
33South Africa
38United Kingdom
39United States


Points to be noted;

  1. Indonesia is the observer country of Financial Action Task Force.
  2. China, Malaysia and Turkey are the members of FATF, which save Pakistan till now.
  3. North Korea and Iran are the only countries which are blacklisted by FATF.



Why 88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF?



As we know that recently, Pakistan was thinking to set up its own Islamic bloc regarding Kashmir issue in collaboration with its familiar countries like Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan etc. But when the UAE and Saudi Arabia came to know about Pakistan’s initiative to form new Islamic bloc, then Saudi Arabia withdraw the loan from Pakistan that was given by Saudi Arabia regarding crude oil and for Forex reserves.


And also Pakistan was insulted by Saudi Arab when Pakistani Army Chief Bajwa visited Saudi Arab to negotiates, but the crown prince of Saudi Arab ” Mohammad Bin Salman ” immediately refused to meet him.


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Pakistan declared as a grey list member by FATF in 2018 and due to this it faced various kinds of restrictions in terms of trade and commerce. So, to overcome economic crises in 2018, the Pakistan government took a loan of $30 billion, where Saudi Arabia’s role was big.


And various terrorists of Pakistan such as Hafiz Sayed, Masood Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim etc are declared as underworld terrorists. While on the other side, Pakistan is completely connected with COVID-19 initiate country i.e China, So by analysing these parameters Financial Action Task Force warned Pakistan to stop funding terrorists otherwise it will face devastating action by FATF.


Has Pakistan applied Sanctions on 88 terrorists?


88 Pakistani terrorists strictly warned by FATF
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Actually the second phase of the Financial Action Task Force’s meeting is going to be held just after COVID-19 pandemic. And at that point in time, Pakistan will have to give an answer to the members of FATF about terrorism. While on the other side, Pakistan has come in the grey list by FATF, due to which the trade of Pakistan has been reduced, which affects Pakistan negatively in terms of GDP.

To express as a good country i.e terror-free country, Pakistan has applied sanctions on 88 terrorists including underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.


List of the terrorist group which have been banned by Pakistan on the order of FATF ;


The notifications said that leadership of the defunct TTP and other organisations including;

  1. Lashkar-E-Taiba.
  2. Jesh-E-Mohammad.
  3. Lashkar-E-Jhangvi.
  4. Tariq Geedar group of TTP.
  5. Harkatul Mujahidin.
  6. Al Rasheed Trust.
  7. Al Akhtar Trust.
  8. Tanzim Jaish-al Mohajireen Ansar.
  9. Jamaat-ul Ahrar.
  10. Tanzim Khutba Imam Bukhari.
  11. Rabita Trust Lahore.
  12. Revival of Islamic Heritage Society of Pakistan.
  13. Al-Haramain Foundation Islamabad.
  14. Harkat Jihad Al Islami.
  15. Islami Jihad Group.
  16. Uzbekistan Islami Tehreek.
  17. Daesh of Iraq.
  18. Emirates of Tanzim Qafqaz Freedom Movement of China have been banned.

Following Sanctions have been applied on 88 terrorists by Pakistan ;


  1. The bank accounts of these terrorists have been under the control of the Pakistani government.
  2. Prohibition like house arrest, travelling restrictions, meeting people etc. have been imposed on them.
  3. Pakistan government has seized their license of arms and ammunitions and will not be able to purchase any kind of weapon in future.


What India is saying about this matter?


According to India;  Sources in New Delhi, however, pointed out that this will not mean much since he has not been put on Pakistan’s National terror list-the National Counter Terrorism Authority ( NACTA-Schedule 4th, Proscribed Persons ) list.




According to our analysis,  Pakistan has banned these 88 terrorists including Dawood just because Pakistan wants to improve its image in front of the Financial Action Task Force. When the next phase of the meeting will be held then Pakistan will have to give an answer to FATF. And also FATF has declared Pakistan in the grey list, due to which Pakistan has been facing a great loss in terms of trade and loses its GDP continuously.



















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