The Mafia of Uttar Pradesh | Vikas Dubey | has been Captured and Arrested by MP Police in Ujjain

A Huge victory by MP Police against Vikas Dubey


Recent News;

 A Huge victory by MP Police against Vikas Dubey in Madhya Pradesh ( Ujjain ). He got captured and then arrested by MP Police while was visiting Shiv temple in Ujjain. On Tuesday, Mafia Vikas Dubey was spotted at a hotel in Faridabad, the first time his whereabouts was known in what has been a game of hide and seek since he escaped from the scene of gun attack with UP police.

Proof of Capturing Vikas Dubey by MP Police;

Inspector General of Police, Uttar Pradesh’s Special Task Force, Amitabh Yash declared that Vikas Dubey was arrested at Mahakal police station in Madhya Pradesh ( Ujjain ) on Thursday. He also said that Vikas himself went to the Police station to surrender and got captured by MP Police. Basically he escaped from Uttar Pradesh by killing 8 Police Officials including Superintendent of Police (IPS).

 A Huge victory by MP Police against Vikas Dubey
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A Huge victory by MP Police against Vikas Dubey by arresting him in Ujjain. Uttar Pradesh government has also advertised a reward of Rs 25000 for finding or capturing Vikas Dubey. After escaping from Uttar Pradesh, he visited Madhya Pradesh but with the collaboration of MP Police , Uttar Pradesh police started an operation to find Dubey. Whole Madhya Pradesh police were on alert. He has been arrested from Ujjain Mahakaal temple.

By the confirmation of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Minister Narottam Mishra contributed to find out Vikas Dubey and said that Vikas has been escaped from Uttar Pradesh after killing 8 police officials last week. 

Vikas Dubey; The Man Responsible for Killing 8 Police Officials including one Deputy SP;

 A Huge victory by MP Police against Vikas Dubey
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The wanted of Uttar Pradesh ( Vikas Dubey ) is history sheeter and he attempted more than 60 murder in his life. Still the name plate of Vikas Dubey is shown outside his house after being criminal. Recently, one week ago, when Police visited his house for investigation, his gangsters including him started gun fire on them. According to the official report, atleast 8 police officials lost their lives in this tragedy. 

Apart from murders, he also attempted robberies and kidnappings and also responsible for the murder of his brother Anurag. He was the prime accused in the murder of Bharatiya Janta Party ( BJP ) leader Santosh Shukla, who had been given the rank of a minister of state in 2001. 

Mafia History Sheeter;

He hails from Bikru Village in Kanpur, where he settled a private army of gangsters, was later acquitted by a session court. He is 40 year old, was named in the murder of Siddheshwar Pandey, the Principal and assistant manager of Tarachand Inter College in 2002.

He joined Bahujan Samaj Party ( BSP ) and was elected as a member of Nagar Panchayat

Eight Police officials, including Deputy SP Officer were killed during an operation to this gangster. The Police team was out to look for him after a villager Rahul Tiwari, lodged a case of attempt to murder against Vikas Dubey. They had attempted raids in terms of Tiwari’s first information report in Bikru Village in Kanpur.

Madhya Pradesh Govt. is now going to handover the Mafia to UP Govt.;

After this huge achievement by Madhya Pradesh Police, MP govt. is going to handover the mafia Vikas Dubey to UP govt. soon. Actually, MP govt. has decided to do further investigations from the mafia, whether he may also attempted any crime or murder in Madhya Pradesh or not. 

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ( Shri Yogi Aditya Nath ) called MP’s Chief Minister ( Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan ) about the Operation led by both the police and also congratulate ( thanks ) to MP’ govt. to help Uttar Pradesh in order to find out the mafia Vikas Dubey.


This is a great victory of Police department against the crime, and this operation has led by the two states police and fortunately get succeed by arresting the wanted Vikas Dubey. The mother of Vikas Dubey also said that it will be justice for the braves who lost their lives in this tragedy by the wanted mafia Vikas Dubey. This is really an appreciable spirit of mother.




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