China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea by selling Frigates

China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea

Another big investment of China in Pakistan in terms of defensive warfare. China strengthening Pakistan Navy in  Arabian  Sea so that Pakistan navy get strengthened in the Arabian sea to defend India. This deal of naval equipment and ships transformation is not under the CPEC project because it is just to empower Pakistan navy in the Arabian sea.


Recent News ;

  1. China is providing frigate ships to Pakistan in order to strengthen its navy in the Arabian Sea.
  2.  China is using Pakistan to create dominance on Junagarh district of Gujarat because Pakistan claims Junagarh as its own territorial part.
  3. Pakistan will strengthen its Karachi port city in terms of security perspectives after purchasing frigates from China.







China-Pakistan Navy transform deal from 2015;


 China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea
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In April 2015, the government of Pakistan approved the purchase of 8 export version of Type 039B ( upgraded ) from China for $5 billion for the Pakistan navy. The deal was finalised on 23 July 2015.


In October of the same year, it was revealed that four of the eight of the submarines will be built in Pakistan, with work beginning in both nations simultaneously. Pakistan’s Defence production confirmed that the agreement included the transfer of technology to construct the vessels.


It is estimated that these submarines production will be completed in 2028, and the first delivery of these submarines will be starting from 2024.


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Point to be noted ;

For the proper work of submarines, frigates are necessary in order to surveillance properly.



Jiangkai 2 Frigate has been delivered to Pakistan ;



Frigates;  These are generally medium-sized ships which are specialised in carrying guided missiles, crude missiles etc. It also works to surveillance by its radar and is expert to protect large vessel ships.

The Anti-Submarinal frigates help to detect the locations of respective submarines.


Jiangkai 2 Frigate for Pakistan;  Chinese multi-role frigates, the first of which entered service with the people’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force in 2007. The Pakistan Navy ordered four Type 054As; the last two orders were announced on 1 June 2018. The ships are expected to enter service by 2021.


Features of Jiangkai 2 Frigates ; 

  • It is equipped with the latest surface, subsurface, anti-weapons.
  • Combat management system.
  • Equipped with sensors which will be one of the technologically advanced surface platforms of the Pakistan Navy fleet.


Point to be noted;

China calls Jiangkai frigates as 054As frigates. The actual price of these frigates is unrevealed yet but it is estimated that China is providing these frigates to Pakistan in a very much discount.



Pakistani Frigates;


 China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea
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Pakistan is already using many Chinese built frigates like F-22P Zulfiqar class frigate. This class is based on an updated model of the Chinese type 053H3 frigate.

Planned; 6 , Building; 2 , Completed; 4 , Active; 4


Pakistan has a total of eight frigates and will have a total of 16 frigates by 2028.  But Pakistan navy does not have a destroyer or an aircraft carrier yet.


Point to be noted ;

India is having 12 destroyers, 15 frigates, 2 nuclear-powered attack submarine, 3 ballistic missile submarines, 15 conventionally-powered attack submarines, 25 corvettes.

The made in India frigates are actually larger and heavier than the Chinese made frigates that Pakistan uses. Pakistan’s heaviest frigate is US made Alamgir ( F260 )-which is having a weight of 4200 tonnes.

The Shivalik class under project 17 is a class of multi-role frigates in service with the Indian Navy. They are the first stealth warships built in India. They were designed to have better stealth features and land-attack capabilities than the preceding Talwar-class frigates which are having a weight of 6200 tonnes.



What will be the impact on India by the strengthening of Pakistan Navy through China?


China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea
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As we know that India purchases oil from both Iran and Saudi Arabia via the Arabian Sea route. Now China strengthening Pakistan Navy in Arabian Sea in order to disturb India both in terms of trade and security perspectives.


It is estimated that China can resist the oil supply to India from Iran and Saudi Arab by deploying Pakistan and Chinese navies over there only just to disturb India.


But both China and Pakistan do not know about the strength and strategies of Indian navy. The Make in India based frigates is very much sufficient than the ongoing frigates of Pakistan.


Option for India;


If Pakistan and China will disturb India in the Arabian Sea in the northern zone, then India can use the southern zone of the Arabian Sea and also the bulk of three naval units of Gujarat, Mumbai, Kochi port can take part to defend both China and Pakistan over there. And by these strategies, India can do trade with the gulf countries easily without both Chinese and Pakistan’s disturbances.




According to our analysis, we concluded that India will not be affected too much by these supplying of naval ships to Pakistan by China because India navy is well advanced equipped and very much experienced to tackle these kinds of coward strategies.










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