India is Preferring Digital innovation instead of Paper greetings like Calendar, Diaries

Digital innovation instead of Paper greetings

India has been moving towards the Digital innovation instead of Paper greetings like calendars, diaries, festival greeting cards etc. A very influential decision taken by the Indian government in terms of theoretical future records and plannings in India by adopting digital era instead of paper records. The Indian Ministry of Finance has taken the responsibility to develop the IT sector in India.



Recent News;

  • The Indian government directs Ministers & PSUs to stop printing calendars and diaries and adopt Eco-friendly Digital alternatives.
  • This is an innovative and eco-friendly move towards digitalisation in an economic, efficient and effective manner.
  • A Green initiative that will massively reduce wastage of paper while also energizing India’s digital revolution.







Why the Indian Govt. has taken the decision of Digital innovation instead of Paper greetings?



A lot of parameters have been analysed by the Indian government based on paperwork which involves printing desktop wall calendars, diaries and festival greeting cards. The government concluded that this process of forming papers take too much time and involved a huge investment and mainly disturbs our environment.

While on the other side, India has been proceeding further to make India Digital by launching various digital aspects in India like Paytm, PhonePay, GooglePay and many more ( Digital Payments ). India is also taking huge initiatives to develop the IT ( Information Technology ) sector in India like Digital Startups, Online business, Online documentation etc.


Point to be noted;

  • To stop the wastage of paper and deforestation, the Indian government has taken this kind of decision.
  • While on the other side, India is preferring digital modernisation rather than paperwork.

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Impact of this decision on India;


Digital innovation instead of Paper greetings
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As per the modern world, people prefer digitalisation more than the handwritten work on paper due to several reasons like time-saving, fast work, accuracy, interchanging etc. Each and every institution whether govt. or private, work on digitalisation. It has created a dominance over paperwork.

Big countries like the United States of America, Russia, China, France, Israel etc, do their business work by Information Technology ( IT ). That is why, these countries come in developed countries because they have spread their business throughout the world, only because of digitalisation.

By knowing the value of the digital era, India has also decided to make “ Digital India “, by developing IT sector.

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  • People will know the need and importance of trees that are cut to make papers.
  • Digital work will save time for the people who work on papers.
  • It will be helpful to do business easily throughout the world without going abroad.
  • Documentary records will be preserved for a long time with complete and accurate information that was uploaded initially.
  • Digital records can be modified and interchangeable at any point of time, while paper records can not be modified and interchanged whenever is needed.


Some Drawbacks;


  • Every person in India is not as educated and literate to use digitalisation, they still depend on paperwork.
  • The digital sector is not too much spread in India, there are still some places where no IT institutions have been set up.
  • The immediate decision of digitalisation will not be considered as a milestone because of the lack of digital equipment in India.




According to our analysis, this decision of the Indian Finance Ministry will be perfect just after proper knowledge of people because a lot of people in India are still lacking with digital skills and the mindset of the people are not as advanced as the digital world, that is why it is the responsibility of Indian government to provide the knowledge of digital modernisation so that every citizen of India will contribute himself towards the country by using digital skills rather than paperwork.










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  1. This is right that process of forming per is too long and disturbs our nature. If nature disturbs we also disturbed by nature. Govt. takes very right step of digital innovation instead of paper. This save a lot of time of people who make and work on paper. Well done.

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