Great Chance; Google is ready to give |100,000 scholarships|, which enable to set up Data Analytics, Project Management and UX Designs

Google is ready to give 100,000 scholarships

The Global Organisation of Oriental Group Language of Earth ( GOOGLE ) is a search engine which enables to provide each and every kind of information after searching. It is also called the biggest multinational company which has its own different business companies like Internet Analytics, Cloud Computing. Also being a business company, Google is ready to give 100,000 scholarships to enhance digital startups in all over the world.


Recent News ( Google is ready to give 100,000 scholarships );


  • Recently on 15 July 2020, Google has announced at least 100,000 scholarships for extending online Platforms throughout the world.
  • It will provide online certificates in data analytics, project management and in UX Designs.
  • These certificates of 6 months will be equivalent to the USA’s Degree in any field.
  • After completion of this course, Google will give the salary Up to $6000 – $9000 as a package.




Recent Tweets about Google’s Decision ( Proof ) ;



Specifications, Categories of these courses led by Google;


Google is ready to give 100,000 scholarships
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Google, finally has declared three new digital certificate program in Data Analytics, Project Management and users experience designs. The certificate is formed by Google employees, and there is no requirement of any degree. It is possibly noticed that it may take three to six months for the completion of this course, and are offered through the online learning platform Coursera.


According to Google, it will consider all of these certificates are equivalent to a four-year college degree in their respective fields.


Important Specifications;



  • The scholarship consists of Data Analytics, Project Management and Users experience designs.
  • These certificates will be equivalent to the college degrees in their respective fields.
  • The tenure of this course will be varying from three to six months for the completion.
  • According to Google, there is a small cost from the Coursera platform itself, the current cost is $48 per month, but we want to ensure that anyone who wants to join this opportunity has a good chance to join it as soon as possible.
  • The tech giant has declared that it will fund 100,000 need-based scholarships for those candidates who enrolled in any of these career certificate programs and they will be bagging approximately $10 million in grants to YWCA, NPower and JFF, the three non-profits that are partnered with Google to give workforce development to women, legends and underrepresented Americans.




  • Data Analytics.
  • Project Management.
  • UX Designs.


Impact of this Scholarship in India;


Google is ready to give 100,000 scholarships
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In the recent news, On Video Conferencing of Sundar Pichai with PM Modi, a big deal was a sign in terms of investment. In his words, The CEO of Google said that we are going to invest $75000 in India to develop digital platforms.


This is very beneficial for both Google and India in terms of digital marketing set up because it is very important for India to develop its economy through digital mechanism. 


Benefits for India;

  • This is the right time for India to go for digital-ism.
  • By this investment of $75000 crore, digital employment may generate in India.
  • Online business set up will increase.
  • India’s GDP will automatically rise.
  • And now the scholarships have been announced by google, and they may initiate to rise the talents of Indian youth who used to lack from various online opportunities.

Proof of Google’s Investment in India;




As we know that Google is going to invest $75000 crore in India for 5-7 years in order to set up a digital system in India for economic purpose. While on the other side, Google has launched a scholarship for those candidates who are willing to come in digital business. This is really a great opportunity for India that Google is ready to take part in India for new digital startups to make India digital.


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