How |59 Chinese banned Apps| will affect India and Indian Market

How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India

As Indian government has already banned 59 Chinese Apps in India including TikTok and now the United States of America and Australia has also decided to ban TikTok recently. So, somewhere, it is cleared that the maximum countries are getting collaborate with one another and boycotting Chinese products. But now the question is How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India and Indian marketing system in terms of investments and contribution towards GDP.



Proof of possibility of banning TikTok in the USA;


In the wake of the face-off with Chinese forces on the India-China border in Ladakh, the Indian government on 29 June banned 59 Chinese apps. These include popular apps such as SHARE IT, UC Browser, TikTok, CamScanner, Helo, Weibo, WeChat and Club Factory etc.


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Why India has Banned these Apps?


 How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India
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The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in a press release founded that it had received many complaints from various sources, which involves some reports regarding misuse of some mobile apps for stealing and transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India


The Ministry also said; ” it had decided to block these Chinese 59 mobile apps to safeguard the Sovereignty and Integrity of a Nation “. Invoking powers under Section 69A of the Information Technology ( IT ) Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology rules 2009.


Will this ban on Chinese Apps affect India?


India government has taken a good decision of banning these Chinese Apps in terms of patriotism but somewhere in term of business dealing and India’s GDP growth rate it may harm India. As we know that this is digital income generation and Indian users also earn by using these Chinese apps digitally. 


For example- ByteDance Ltd, had talked of upcoming investments worth of $1 billion in India but right now it will not work because of the ban. That will probably remain suspended till further clarity by government.


So, this is how it will affect India in terms of investments and employment.


Use of These Apps in India; 


How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India
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As we know that these Chinese Apps were too much popular in India but right now some variations have been observed in the users as Jio shown in the graph. Example- Almost 22,000000 users used TikTok in April 2020 but after one month it fell down to 20,000000 and now fell at 12,000000.


  • It has estimated by Sensor Tower and showing the video-sharing social networking app.
  • File sharing tool SHARE IT has about 400 million users.
  • The Alibaba-owned UC Browser second in India market share at about 10.18%, after Google Chrome i.e 78.5%.


Impact on Users;


How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India
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If somebody has these banned apps still now, then he/she can use these apps. But now that the latest versions of the apps have been removed from google play store and apple app store, users will not be able to access updated versions in future. If a notice goes out to internet service providers ( Jio, Airtel ) about asking that data flows from these apps be halted, that could impact the functioning of existing installed apps.


China used to get revenue from the advertisements of these apps. For example- TikTok is a parent agency of Byte Ltd. and recorded a doubling of global revenue to $17 billion in 2019, over the previous year with $3 billion in profit.


India business may have yielded only $5.89 million in revenue for the year ended in March 2019. But with quicker user adoption more recently, the stakes seem to be getting higher. In 2019, Indian courts had stopped TikTok because according to them, the Chinese use Indian users of TikTok for pornography. Then TikTok company told to the Indian courts that they are facing the loss of $15 million due to this temporary ban of TikTok by courts. So, later on, the ban took off.


Recent Response of China to ban;


How 59 Chinese banned Apps will affect India
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According to China; India has to disrespect WTO( World Trade Organisation ) by violating its rules and laws. India’s measure selectively and discriminatory aims at certain Chinese apps on ambiguous and far-fetched grounds works against fair and duplicate procedure requirements, misuses national security.


China has also said that India runs against the general trend of International Trade and e-commerce, and is not conducive to customer dedication and the marketing competition in India. 


“Maybe China will write an official complaint against India’s decision of banning Chinese apps”.



How Indian users are responding to ban;


Actually this is a sudden decision taken by the Indian government to ban 59 Chinese Apps in India. But the India users are not happy with the decision taken by the Indian government. This decision was made by the collaboration of various ministries and Intelligence Agencies like IB, R&AW. Recently before banning of these apps, Indian Foreign Intelligence Agency ( R&AW ) flagged red to these Chinese Apps.


According to the Indian Intelligence, China traces India’s information via Indian users and uses this information against Indian Armed Forces and Civilians as well like in USA civil riots, Galwan Valley’s standoff in India etc. That is why the Indian government has taken this kind of decision.




We have explained how and why the banning of 59 Chinese Apps may affect Indian Market in terms of investments and employment. May be the Indian government has some motives for banning these apps. And we think that govt. has taken a good decision because of govt. runs the country with patriotism. And if the Indian government would not ban these apps then surely riots and disintegration would have happened. 


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