|| Rohtang Pass || How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA?

How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA

One more infrastructural development has seen near the border areas of India. Modi government completed the dream of not only Former Prime Minister of India ” Shri Atal Bihari Bhajpayi ” but also the people living in that area without enough facilities. But this development by India has created a lot of controversies between Pakistan and China. How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA, China is still to know it.


Recent News;


  • On 3 October 2020, PM Narendra Modi has inaugurated the world’s longest tunnel of 9.2 km in length.


  • This Tunnel is in Himachal Pradesh and connects Manali with Laupaul Spiti Valley of Leh.


  • PM Modi also addressed the people over there for their comfortability by using this tunnel.






Characteristics of Atal Tunnel;


An Advanced tunnel which will bring several more infrastructural developments over there in future. It is known for its importance to transfer Army jawans including Tanks and other weapons in Leh near the LAC.




  • It is having a length of 9.2 kilometres.


  • This tunnel will shorten the distance of at least 46 kilometres and overcome the time by 4-5 hours.


  • The speed of vehicles will be 80Km/h inside the tunnel.


  • At least 1500 trucks and 3000 cars can proceed their journey from this tunnel per day.


  • After every 500 metres, there is a facility of emergency exit.


  • After completing every 250 metres, you can see CCTV cameras for surveillance to detect each and every activity inside it.


  • At every 150 km ahead, it is having a telecommunication facility.


  • After every 60 km, you can see the fire extinguisher for an emergency.


  • The main feature of this tunnel is the Radiocommunication facility for Soldiers whenever is needed during the war.


  • It is estimated that this Atal Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world which is at the height of at least 10,000 feet ( Record ) from the sea level.



How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA ( A Big Controversy in China )?


How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA
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As from the above picture, you can see that initially, you used to visit Leh via Manali then you had to complete the  ZigZag journey of very long distance ( Shown by Red Line ). But after the formation of Atal Tunnel, the road gets cleared.


The Atal tunnel helped to reduced the journey by 46 kilometres.  Especially, the main thing is that China knows that India will bring its soldiers and military warfare equipment to Indo-China border via this advanced tunnel.


PM Modi has decided that India will send its T-19 Bhishma Tanks at LAC from this Atal Tunnel soon because of the ongoing standoff with China.


And China knows that India is also preparing itself for the war by infrastructural developments and enhancing Defence Sector. Initially, before 2014, the Indian government did not take actions in terms of developments near LAC and LOC,  but right now you can see the uprising strategies of India against China.


So, you can say that China is afraid of this strategy of India against China and it will be considered as a threat to it.


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Benefits to Locals;



The Atal Tunnel will bring various benefits to the local people and also motivate them for future endeavours. A well-equipped tunnel tells us about the National Integrity and Cooperation among the people of Himachal Pradesh and Leh.


It will be helpful for the people in terms of employment over there because, after its working, it will let you to set up markets like Shops, Restaurant, Hotels and much more in business perspectives.


Initially, the people who live near the tunnel used to face various difficulties like Medical problems, unemployment, journey difficulties, but now all these problems have been solved up to the level after the formation of Atal Tunnel.


Indian Air Force used to help them when they face Medical related problems by bringing them into hospitals via helicopters, which takes too much time. But now, people can travel through this tunnel and will be connected with various regions of Himachal Pradesh and Leh.



Point to be noted;

People can travel from Himachal to Leh and many more places within a less interval of time. This tunnel will help people ( Himachal, Leh and the whole country ) to integrate with each other, which is a sign of peace and love.



Tourism is also one of the parts of revenue generation for a country, and you know that Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir and Leh are the hubs of tourism.


The Atal Tunnels connectivity will increase the tourism or there in both Himachal Pradesh and Leh. The following tourism places of these regions are given below;


  • Leh Palace;  It is one of the most spectacular tourist places in Leh is the magnificent Leh Palace. You can view the mountain of Stok Kangri in Zaskar towards South from here while the Ladakh mountain range rises behind the palace towards North. The night view of this palace is quite charming.


  • Nubra Valley; It is located to the northeast of Ladakh Valley. The similar way to access this valley is to travel over the Khardung La pass from Leh. Some scholars say that its original name was ” The Valley of Flowers “. It is a home for many tourist spots scattered over this Ladakh region.


  • Shanti Stupa; This is one of the most specific tourist places in Leh, built atop a hill in Changspa region. it is having a white-domed shaped stupa built by a Japanese Buddhist Bhikshu. There is the presence of road from Leh to Shanti Stupa where you can either drive or first walk from Leh or climb up at least 500 stairs at the top.


  • Magnetic Hill; A specific point to stop by during your Ladakh road trip is Magnetic Hill. It is known that the hills here have magnetic properties and the pull will get any vehicle moving uphill even with the engine turned off.


  • Pangong Tso Lake; It is also known as “ Grassland lake “. During the winter, the lake freezes entirely despite being saline water. It is actually not the part of Indus river basin and geographically a junction landlocked river basin. The main fact is that some shots of 3 idiots movie were taken from this lake.




According to our Analysis, we have concluded that this infrastructural development by the Indian Government will increase the economy and also helpful for the comfortability of the local people there. The main fact is that India is now very much aware of the border tensions i.e at both LAC and LOC. And we think, this Atal Tunnel will be a milestone for the Northern tourism in Leh-Himachal Pradesh zones. 












|| Rohtang Pass || How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA?
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|| Rohtang Pass || How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA?
This development by India has created a lot of controversies between Pakistan and China. How the Atal Tunnel seems to be a threat for PLA, China is still to know it.
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