|India-European Union’s| nuclear upgrades 2020 has come into force for the modifications of nuclear aspects

India-European Union's nuclear upgrades 2020

Recent News;

On 15 July 2020, India-European Union summit was held. This was a 15th summit that has recently been organised by these countries via video conferencing because of ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. India-European Union’s nuclear upgrades 2020 mainly focused on nuclear cooperation including another more parameters. This summit will initiate new motives and modifications in terms of nuclear mechanism.


Last time this summit was held in 2017 and now after three years, again this summit has played a great role in making big decisions with India in terms of nuclear aspects modifications.





European Union;


 India-European Union's nuclear upgrades 2020
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Through successive enlargements, the European Union has grown from the six founding states i.e France, Belgium, West Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Italy. Its headquarter is in Brussels. The European Union’s members are Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia and Spain.


Now recently, the United Kingdom has eliminated from the European Union. That is why currently 27 countries are present in the European Union.



  • As in February 2020, the total population of the European Union is about 446 million personnel.
  • The European Union is India’s largest trading partner, accounting for 80 billion worth of trade in goods in 2019.
  • 11.2 % of total Indian trade, on par with the United States of America and ahead of China ( 10.8% ).
  • European Union as a whole was India’s largest trading partner while India was the European Union’s 9th largest trading partner in 2018.
  • European Union is the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment into India.
  • Indian investments into the European Union are estimated at Euro 50 billion.
  • India is the 4th largest service exporter to the European Union and the 6th largest destination for service exports from the European Union.



India-European Union’s nuclear upgrades 2020 including another more sector cooperation;


 India-European Union's nuclear upgrades 2020
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Actually, this energy upgrade cooperation between the European Union and India was going to be held in March 2020, but due to COVID-19 pandemic it got postponed and now it has completed on 15 July 2020. Including energy, another more initiatives would be taken which are under below;


  • Energy
  • Climate Change and Environment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Migration and Mobility
  • Education
  • Biotechnology
  • Information, Communication and Technology
  • Sustainable Development
  • Research and Innovation
  • Competition Policy

All these parameters would be in dealing but they will mainly focus on energy i.e Nuclear Cooperation.


15th India-European Union Summit 2020;



As everybody knows that from 2021 onwards, India will be engaging with the whole world by joining as a non-permanent member of the United Nation’s Security Council ( UNSC ). And also, India will host the G-20 Summit. European Union countries play a very important role in both G-20 and the United Nation’s Security Council.


India and the European Union resolved to step up cooperation in environment and climate change and extend the ambit of collaboration in the areas of space and science and technology.


At the 15th India-European summit, the two sides also decided to ramp up cooperation in the areas of water, air quality and nuclear energy. The leaders adopted the European Union and India strategic partnership. It will be up to 2025, to guide cooperation between the European Union and India over the next five years. They warmly welcomed the signing of the Euratomic-India Agreement on research and development cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They have decided to reconvene for the 16th India-European Union Summit that may be in 2021.


European Atomic Energy Community;


India-European Union's nuclear upgrades 2020
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The European Atomic Energy Community is an international organisation established by the Euratom Treaty on 25 March 1957 with the original purpose of creating a specialist market for nuclear power in Europe. The maximum number of countries in the European Union, cooperatively work for Euratom. Under the Euratom Treaty, European countries share their new researches, technologies with other countries like the United States of America, Japan, South Korea etc. regarding the civil use of nuclear energy. 


India-European Strategic Partnership; A way to 2025;


The leaders held the 15th European Union-India Summit on the 15th of July 2020. They endorsed this European Union-India strategic partnership; A way to 2025 as a common road map to guide joint action and further strengthen the India-European Union strategic partnership for the next five years.


Implement the Euratom-India agreement on research and development cooperation in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Reaffirm commitment to and continue the successful cooperation on nuclear fusion in the frame of the ITER project.


This might become a huge milestone for India to develop nuclear set up in India because it is needed for India against China in these days. As India China standoff is going on these days, actually Uranium deposit in China is too much that is why China wants to capture that area, so that it will acquire nuclear power. 


 Parameters that were discussed in the previous summit of 2017;


That was a 14th India-European summit which was organised in the year 2014 and the following parameters were discussed in it;

  • Joint Statement to strengthen the EU-India strategic partnership.
  • Joint Statement on Cooperation in Combating Terrorism.
  • Joint Statement on clean energy and climate change.
  • At least 500 million Euro EIB loan agreement for Bangalore Metro Phase-2 Project.
  • Joint Declaration on partnership for smart and sustainable urbanization.
  • Joint Declaration between the Interim Secretariat of the International Solar Alliance and the European Investment Bank.


Benefits for India;


By this agreement, India will modify its nuclear system in the upcoming era, which is beneficial to get strengthened. Also in collaboration with European countries, India will receive several kinds of nuclear techniques which is now required.  It will also helpful for India to become a powerful country in terms of nuclear mechanism.




This Summit will be considered as the best way to develop good relationships between these nations with the help of free trade agreements, Bilateral agreements. We think that India will going to be the powerful nation like United States of America, Russia, China etc. 




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