|Strange Viral News| – India is providing medical help to North Korea to defend COVID-19 Pandemic

India is helping North Korea medically in 2020

North Korea is a country that lies eastern region to India and shares its border with China including South Korea. It always in the news for its controversies with another countries like South Korea, United States of America and many more. Recently due to COVID-19, when only just one positive case arose in North Korea, then its supreme leader Kim Jong-un has applied emergency in its territory and now India is helping North Korea medically in 2020 as a big peaceful message between North Korea and India in terms of political and diplomatic relationships.

Recent news ( India is helping North Korea medically in 2020 ) ;

  • India is helping North Korea medically in 2020 by providing some medical kits which includes pharmaceutical medicines like Paracetamol, Antibiotics etc.
  • In the ongoing situation of COVID-19, India is helping another countries globally by providing medical aspects as recently to North Korea.
  • This is also a good chance for India to overcome the diplomatic blunder with North Korea in 2017.
  • Also this is a big message to China that if you make strategies against India with the help of Nepal, then India is always ready to influence the countries nearer to China like North – South Korea , Mongolia, Vietnam etc.

Proof with Tweets;


  • Since 2012, India did not even have an Ambassador to North Korea.
  • Atul Malhari Gotsurve is the first Indian Foreign Service ( IFS ) Officer to head New Delhi’s Mission in Pyongyang in almost six years.
  • Incredible though it may seem in January 2013, SM Krishna, the UPA’s External Affairs Minister, sent a stenographer in the Ministry of External Affairs as Ambassador to North Korea.


A Diplomatic Blunder between India and North Korea in 2017;

India is helping North Korea medically in 2020
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As every body know that in 2017, the relationships between North Korea and United States of America became worse, and both the countries had decided to attack each other by nuclear weapons, specially the statement given by the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un. So. by observing all these parameters, India in collaboration with United States of America had decided to stop each and every kind of trade with North Korea.

Reason;   At that point of time, the relationships between India and United States of America had just started to improve. Due to this reason, India did not want United States of America to get back from India. 

Step of North Korea against India’s decision of diplomatic blunder;

During that situation, North Korea founded itself isolated, then China came in front to support North Korea against India. Xi Jimping attended meeting with the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un and decided to collaborate with each other against both India and United States of America.

So from that day on wards, United States of America and China came in front against each other and till now the relationships between these two super powers ( China & USA ) have become too much worse. Coronvirus outbreak is also one of the causes of bad relations with China, including civil riots in America by China’s strategies.

Benefit for India through North Korea;

India is helping North Korea medically in 2020
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As we know that India is providing medical help to North Korea and this will create a peaceful impression on North Korea. And this sympathy of India for North Korea will be benefited to India against China to create dominance over China.

Reason;  As China is making dominance on India with the help of Nepal and Pakistan that are creating internal disturbances in India, in a same way India is making a good and peaceful relationships with North Korea, so that whenever is needed India will be able to take North Korea’s help in terms of diplomatic matters.

Benefit to South Korea and Japan;

This peaceful help of India to North Korea will also be beneficial for both South Korea and Japan because as we know that the relationships of Japan and South Korea with North Korea are worse. So some where, in future if these countries come in front against North Korea, then they might have a negotiator “India” for compromise. So this is how, India can help South Korea and Japan by negotiations with North Korea.

Some where USA is not happy with this sympathy of India to North Korea;



According to them, India is violating the United Nation’s Security Council’s resolutions by trading and proliferating with North Korea. It is trading in nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, iron and steel with out concerning UNSC.


This is very good chance for India to overcome the diplomatic blunder of India against North Korea in 2017. By this sympathy, North Korea will surely feel good to make good relations with India. Actually, India has represented that India is secular country and knows about socialism, that is why PM Modi is helping other countries globally as much as possible because this is the time when a country can represent as a emerging power.

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