India-Israel-US new policy on 5G may exceeds from T3 to T11

India-Israel-US new policy on 5G

Quad countries i.e India-Japan-US-Australia have been working together since the pandemic has arisen in the world. But now the technical initiative has taken by thee three countries, India-Israel-US new policy on 5G is going to start soon which will overcome the dependence on China for the 5G network.


Important Points regarding India-Israel-US new policy on 5G;


  • India-Israel and United States will start their project to launch 5G network by neglecting China.


  • T3  T11 means, Technology 3 will get converted into Technology 11 i.e Israel, India and the United States will also include 8 more countries to supply 5G network.


  • COVID-19 outbreak, China’s intrusion inside neighbouring countries and bad relations with China are the major causes to set up its own 5G network by India and the United States.





Evolution to 5G;


1G in 1980s ( Speed 1-30 kbps )  >>>> 2G in 1991 ( Speed 40-65 kbps )  >>>> 3G in 1998 ( Speed 1-2 MB )  >>>> 4G in 2008 ( Speed upto 1 GB )  >>>> 5G in 2020 ( Estimated Speed 10 GB )


Who is the Current Leader of 5G Network?


India-Israel-US new policy on 5G
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When you say about the leadership in contribution to 5G, then China comes in front. The Chinese company ” Huawei ” is leading the telecom sector and leader of the 5G network throughout the world.


Its Sources;

  • The software has taken from the United States of America.


  • Semiconductors used to launch 5G have received from Germany and Taiwan.


  • Memory cards from Japan and South Korea.


Chinese aggression and opacity have always been a concern. Now due to sanctions by the United States in the trade was, the supply chain for 5G development is wide open.


Point to be noted;

  • Neither Israel nor India are part of this 5G supply chain yet but it is a great opportunity for both to gain much need ground.


  • The world is now coming together in collaboration with the United States to launch 5G because maximum countries have irritated with China.


How India is contributing to the 5G network?


India-Israel-US new policy on 5G
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As you know that India is moving towards the digitalisation and technical era. So, to adopt these parameters, you should first prepare the internet speed. That is why India is preparing for 5G through various Universities researches.


IIT Madras’s Pact on 5G;


IIT Madras inks pact with keysight to accelerate the development of desi 5G standard. Industrial 5G to drive industry 4.0 growth in India.


Industrial 4.0 growth  —- Internet of things + Artificial Intelligence.


By knowing all these parameters, IIT Madras is working on a ” Make in India ” project called ‘ Indigenous 5G testbed ‘, it is under working but it is estimated that it will cooperatively work with the United States to launch 5G.


As we know the telecom sector in India is highly deregulated i.e less govt. control. The major control is under the hands of private companies like Jio. And recently Jio has said that it will bring 5G soon in India.


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Point to be noted;

Company ” CEWIT INDIA ”  i.e Centre for Excellence And Wireless Technology. It is working in collaboration with IIT Madras to work on 5G.


An Opportunity for both India and Israel;



India-Israel and the United States are collaborating to create the next generation technologies, especially 5G. This also opens the doors for more tech-savvy democratic like Sweden, South Korea and Finland, to join this tech alliance.


It also becomes a platform for other democracies such as Japan, UK, Germany and Australia, each of which aspires to get on the next generation superhighway through 5G.


Impact on Israel-US relations;


This proposal will definitely improve the relations of Israel with the United States because the United States brought Israel close to the UAE to make diplomatic relations with each other. This negotiation between Israel and UAE through Donald Trump has recognised Israel as an independent country that was not initially recognised by the Gulf countries near Israel.


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Israel-UAE Diplomatic relations in 2020.


And now both Israel including some more countries like India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany etc will be working together on various economic and technical projects.


Point to be noted;

The US-Israel relations have been developing since the Israel-UAE diplomatic deal has come to force.




According to our Analysis, T3 will be converted into T11 soon because the Huawei company of China takes the whole credit of 5G launch. While on the other side, China has been irritating all the countries except Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and some gulf countries since the coronavirus outbreak. So that is why India-Israel and the United States have decided to bring all the countries closer to them so that they would develop economic relations with one another. 



India-Israel-US new policy on 5G - independent to China
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India-Israel-US new policy on 5G - independent to China
India-Israel-US new policy on 5G is going to start soon which will overcome the dependence on China for the 5G network.
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