India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia to counter China at LAC

India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia

India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia due to this recent standoff at India-China Line of Actual Control ( LAC ). India and China’s standoff near Galwan Valley is going on in these recent days. Both the countries have lost their soldiers in this standoff. But India is not going to take it lightly.



Recent News;


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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  • Recently to retaliate against China, India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia. India will be purchasing 21 MIG-29s and 12 Su 30s. Now India cannot take any kind of risk with respect to two enemy countries i.e Pakistan and China.
  • Now the signals have been cleared that India will retaliate against these countries if they will initiate the war.
  • This decision was taken by the India Air Force in order to modify or increase the existing strength.
  • MIG-29 fighters will be added to the Indian Air Force’s three squadrons of the type already in service.
  • 12 Su-30 MKIs fighters will be added to the current order book of 272 fighters.
  • Additional fighters are likely to be ordered to manufactured by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
  • Fighters including two trainers expected to be procured under reasonable price as they have been partially manufactured in Russia for previous order which was cancelled. 


Why IAF has taken the decision of purchasing MIG-29 and Su-30 MKI?


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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As against ongoing standoff between India and China, Indian Air Force has proposed to purchase 21 MIG- 29 and 12 Su-30 MKI fighter jets.


The main reason for purchasing these fighter jets is to develop the existing IAF’s strength and to modify the fighter jets features. So that India will be able to handle the two frontier enemies i.e Pakistan and China.


MIG-29 will be purchased from Russia through government to government procurement deal. The deal will costed around 5000 crores and the delivery will start within a few years.


The Indian Air Force is also set to go ahead with an order for 12 additional Su-30 MKI fighter jets, to add to the current order book of 272 fighters.


MIG-29 Fighter Jet;


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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The Mikoyan MIG-29 is a dual-engine fighter jet aircraft and was designed in the Soviet Union developed by Mikoyan Design Bureau as an air superiority fighter. MIG-29 is a versatile fighter jet having the capacity of performing a number of different operations and is fitted with a range of air to surface armaments.


Features of MIG-29 UPG;


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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  • MIG-29 fighter aircraft jets were inducted in Indian Air Force in 1985 in order to counter Pakistan which already had received the delivery of F-16 in 1983.
  • It is having a Zhuk ME Radar which is quite similar to MIG-29k. MIG-29 UPG has M2E version of the same.
  • This UPG version has better processing power as compare to MIG-29k and can differentiate different aircraft jets in its navigation range.
  • Its detection range for the 8-metre square object is 120 km.
  • It can hit 10 targets and engage 4 at a time.
  • It can detect a tank from 25 kilometres from air to ground.
  • It is also having the capacity to detect bridge from 120 kilometres.
  • Capable to detect ship from 350 kilometres.
  • The Radar’s scanning area is +/- 87 degree in azimuth and +56 to -40 degree in elevation.
  • In order to detect a target in the infrared spectrum, it is having an Optical locating system ( OLS-EM ) which is capable to detect target from 55 kilometres and provides coverage in azimuth is of +/- 90 degrees.
  • The OLS – EM has three features ;

Forward-looking infrared search and track.

TV camera infrared search and track.

Multimode laser range finder with 20 kilometres range.


  • Use of OLS; When our aircraft is finding enemies aircraft then it starts its radar and emits electronic waves which helps it to find enemies aircraft. While on the other side, enemies aircraft has waves receiving radars. Due to this enemy gets alert and starts some countermeasures in order to secure from another enemy’s aircraft. 
  • In this situation, it is quite difficult to target enemy’s aircraft but if you switch off the radar and start OLS system to navigate enemy’s aircraft, then the enemy would not be able to receive navigating signals. Then after we can find the enemy’s aircraft and target it clearly.


Sukhoi-30 MKi;


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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Sukhoi-30 Mki is a twin-engine super-manoeuvrable fighter aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. It’s a multi-role fighter for all-weather, air to air and air to surface deep interdiction missions. Development of the variant started after India signed a deal with Russia in 2000 to manufacture Su-30 Mki jets. The first Russian made Su-30 Mki variant was accepted into the Indian Air Force in 2003.


Features of Sukhoi-30 Mki; 


India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia
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  • The Sukhoi-30 Mki is a multi-role combat fighter aircraft in service with the Indian Air Force.
  • It is fulfilled with thrust vectoring control and canards.
  • It is having a maximum speed of 2,120 km/h.
  • Its range is 3000 kilometres at high altitude.
  • Hardpoints; There are 12 hardpoints with a capacity of up to 8000 kg with provisions to carry combinations of rockets>>> S-8 KOM/BM/OM,   S-13T/OF,  S-25 OFM-PU.
  • It is also having the capacity of bringing missiles and bombs as well.
  • The importance of Sukhoi fighter jets can be gauged by the fact that it is the only Indian aircraft capable of using BrahMos supersonic missiles.
  • The modified Sukhoi-30 Mki has the ability of tracking of air targets in a wide range of flight speeds and altitudes, tracking of heat contrasting air objects and perform hidden attacks on them.


History of MIG-29 with Indian Air Force;


Indian was the first International customer of the MIG-29. The Indian Air Force placed an order for more than 66 MIG-29s in 1980. Indian MIG-29s were used extensively during the 1999 Kargil War in Kashmir by the Indian Air Force to provide fighter escort for Mirage 2000s attacking targets with laser-guided bombs.


In 2005-2006, Indian Air Force awarded the MIG Corporation another US1000 million contract to upgrade all of its 69 operational MIG-29s. Indian Air Force still remember the 1999 Kargil war in which MIG-29 played its crucial role to get succeeded against Pakistan. Currently, IAF uses MIG-29 UPG, the upgraded version of MIG-29, IAF currently operates with three squadrons of MIG-29 UPG.


No. 28 Squadron is currently based in Jamnagar and flies Mikoyan MIG-29.  No. 47 Squadron and No. 223 squadron are fighter squadron equipped with MIG-29 UPG based at Adampur AFS.


History of Sukhoi-30 Mki with Indian Air force;


Indian Air Force uses Su-30MKi a variant of the Sukhoi-30 which is a heavy, all-weather, the long-range fighter jet. The Su-30 MKi is expected to form the backbone of Indian Air Force’s fighter fleet to 2020 and beyond. Currently, IAF uses 272 Su-30 MKi in 15 fighter Squadrons.


According to the Indian Air Force, IAF needs at least 42 Squadron to maintain India’s air superiority in case of a two-front war with Pakistan and China. Currently, IAF is operating with 30 Squadron of MIG-21 are ageing fast and need immediate replacement.




This is a very good decision taken by the Indian government in collaboration with Indian Air Force of purchasing 21 MIG-29 UPG and 12 Su-30 Mki from Russian government because India is facing the two northern war fronts with Pakistan and China right now. India urgently purchasing air jets from Russia because nobody knows whenever the warfare disturbance would take place with the neighbouring fronts.





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