Indian Army is Giving Proposal To Civilians To Join Indian Army For 3 Years

Indian Army Giving Proposal To Civilians To Join Indian Army For 3 Years


Different professions have their own role in their country. But all of these have a dedicated contribution towards nation. Armed Forces are one of them which plays a very important role in the country’s protection and also b called as line of defence. We are talking about well- trained, disciplined, experienced and motivated team of human resources, who were handpicked after being tested for their mental and physical abilities. Innovation has been the only way armies have survived and successfully delivered across generations.

Indian Army Giving Opportunity To Indian Civilians To Join For Three Years

  • Army is giving opportunity to Indian civilians to join Indian Army for three years.
  • The proposal is a shift from the concept of permanent service in the forces towards an internship for three years.
  • Indian Army is considering a proposal that entails allowing citizens to voluntarily join the force as part of a model called “Tour of Duty”.
  • Army Chief General MM Naravane said that the idea came up after the Army learnt from visits to colleges and universities that the youth were eager to experience Army life. He said ” when our officers addressed youths in colleges, we came across the feeling that they want to experience army life, but not as a career. So that is why we thought that why should not we them an opportunity to experience the Army life”.
  • Indian Army will get benefit by getting younger manpower and the society will get benefit by getting people who are disciplined and have imbibed the ethos of the Army he added.
  • Officials explained that the proposal model of “Tour of Duty” has been proposed to implemented on the trial basis for officers and other ranks in the Army for a limited number of vacancies. The vacancies would be increased if the model is successful.
  • They also said that the cost including training, pay and allowances, incurred on people joining under the new model would be Rs 80 – 85 lakhs, as compared to over Rs 6 crore for an officer under Short Service Commission , who serve upto 14 years.
  • The Army is giving a token sum amount to officers and jawans exiting from the TOD scheme, to make it more attractive.
  • Due to this scheme, the Army is trying to attract youth from top academic institutes such IITs.
  • The corporates can benefit from individuals who would serve in the Army for three years. ” Many corporates have indicated that these TOD officers would also be preferable to the present Short Service workforce joining the corporates at the age of 33-34 years.
  • The officers exiting TOD would have an edges over other candidates due to their training and exposure.

Motive of Indian Army

Indian Army is Giving Proposal To Civilians To Join Indian Army For 3 Years
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  • Indian Army wants to encourage the youth of India to feel the warmth of Army life.
  • It wants to aware the civilians to b physically fit to make a fit India.
  • Giving them a lesson not to get away from failure. Infact, experience the mistakes and work on them to move forward in life ( self motivation).
  • It mainly pushes the civilians to observe the hardwork of Army to perform the work with full determination.
  • Indian Army helps the country to maintain the unity, integrity and peace.
  • It is providing the the disciplinary parameters to the civilians of India.

Work Profile of Indian Army

Indian Army is Giving Proposal To Civilians To Join Indian Army For 3 Years
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  • Indian Army has a special position in its country with Gallantry respect and honour.
  • It performs different kinds of operations including anti-terrorism, insurgency,infiltration etc.
  • It comes under Ministry of Defense.
  • Sometimes, it performs operations jointly with other forces like Indian Air Force , Indian Navy and Indian paramilitary Forces etc.
  • It also works with our secret agencies like Research and Analysis Wing ( R&AW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB).
  • Indian Army’s motto is “service before self” and its mission is to ensure national external aggression and internal threats, and maintain peace and security within its borders.


It is the Gratitude of Indian Army that it is giving opportunity to the civilians to see the honour of Indian Army by experiencing it. The youth of India should join this opportunity so that they may get motivated and never give up throughout the life.


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