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Israel-UAE are establishing peaceful bonds


Israel is the country, surrounded by a lot of Islamic countries hub, which involves Syria, Jordan , Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey , Iran, South Arabia , UAE etc. That is why Israel does not have too many good relations with them. Recently, Israel-UAE is establishing peaceful bonds, which has created a historical aspect in middle-eastern countries.  After Egypt and Jordan, the United Arab Emirates will be the 3rd middle-eastern country to make negotiations with Israel.


Recent News ;

  • Israel-UAE is establishing peaceful bonds with the negotiations of US President Donald Trump.
  • The agreement between Israel and the UAE is an important and strategic milestone for new opportunities. This step will also lead to strengthening trust between the US and the people of the region.
  • The conflicts between these two nations are no more, now these countries come closer to each other in terms of diplomatic relations.
  • Now, these countries will work together to form COVID-19 Vaccine and will also contribute to some other infrastructural developments.
  • Some middle-eastern countries like Iran, Turkey,  Lebanon, Syria, Iraq etc, are totally against this negotiation of Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Tasks, that will proceed after these peaceful relations;


  • The doors of developments will be opened for both the countries.
  • Trade and economic activities will proceed, that was restricted before.
  • Tourism will come into force.
  • Negotiations on various disputed issues.
  • Embassies will be posted.
  • It is estimated that both Israel and UAE will work together on COVID-19 vaccine.


Proof ;


How Israel-UAE are establishing peaceful bonds ;


Israel-UAE are establishing peaceful bonds
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The understandable peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates led by US President Donald Trump. UAE  will be the 3rd middle-eastern country, which is going to make diplomatic relationships with Israel. In recent news, it has been estimated that Donald Trump led this peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates because he wants to develop a dominance on middle-eastern countries including Iran.


The benefit to the United States of America ;


As we know that the relationships between Iran and the United States of America are too much worse these days. So, US President Donald Trump always tries to create dominance on Iran but it can be possible if the middle-eastern countries are supporting the USA. This is the reason, why Donald Trump is now leading these countries with negotiations.


The second thing is that Iran stands against the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, in support with Turkey and Pakistan. By this, UAE and South Arabia are not happy with Pakistan and Iran. So, somewhere the United States of America can take benefit from this moment of OIC rejection by Iran and Pakistan.

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Point to be noted ;

Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia etc, are planning together to push the matter of Kashmir except for South Arabia, United Arab Emirates.



The benefit to India from this peace deal ; ( Also Watch Youtube Video )



This deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates brings a lot of benefits to India both in terms of economy and diplomacy. And everybody knows about the relations of India-Israel, India-UAE, they are too much interconnected with one another. So, somewhere, it will be quite easy to influence some more middle-eastern Islamic countries for India, USA, Israel etc.


Few Benefits ;


S.NoBenefits to India
1.India can get discount on oil supply from UAE
2.UAE can be emerge as a parent country for India to influence more Islamic countries except Pakistan
3.Trade will expand vastly between these two countries.
4.Israel and UAE will be the big market for India for business purpose.
5.Israel and UAE may be come in front with India against terrorism.


International Recognition of Israel ;


The international recognition of Israel refers to the diplomatic recognition of the state of Israel, which was established by the Israeli Declaration of Independence on 14 May 1948.  Israel’s sovereignty is disputed by some countries. According to middle-eastern counties, Israel is not a historical country, in fact, it was the nation of Palestinians. Some yahoo dis came there and spread their population to establish a particular nation ” Israel “.


So due to this reason, Israel faced several kinds of war in this region by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan etc. But still, now, various countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Yemen, African countries, Indonesia, Bangladesh, North Korea etc, do not recognize Israel as an independent country. According to these nations, until Palestinians will get their own country, we will not recognize Israel as a country.


Point to be noted ;

Venezuela is the only middle-eastern country, which recognized Israel as a country, but it cuts off relations with Israel in 2009 because Venezuela wanted to send a message to the USA that if the US targets us then we will target your alliances externally.



The Israel-UAE agreement ” Abraham Accord ” ;


Israel-UAE are establishing peaceful bonds
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The agreement which will be signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is ” Abraham Accord “. Abraham was the father of all three great faiths. He is referred to as ” Abraham ” in the Christian faith, ” Ibrahim ” in the Muslim faith and “ Avraham ” in the Jewish faith.


International reactions on ” Abraham Accord ” ;


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the deal to normalise ties between the Jewish state and the UAE.  ” Today a new era began in the relations between Israel and the Arab world,” he said at a televised press conference. The Gaza Strip’s Islamist leaders Hamas rejected the agreement, saying it did not serve the Palestinian cause.


” The agreement with the UAE is a reward for the Israeli occupation and crimes ” – Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency, which is affiliated to the country’s elite Revolutionary Guards, said the Israel-UAE deal was ” Shameful “. Iran’s clerical leaders have yet to react to the agreement.


Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi praised the US-brokered deal between Israel and the UAE.  He said; “ I read with interest and great appreciation the joint statement between the United States, the brotherly United Arab Emirates and Israel concerning the halt of Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land “, Sisi said in a tweet, adding that this would help bring  ” peace ” to the middle east.



The reaction of Pakistan and China on these negotiations ;


As we know that China and Pakistan have one policy against India, and when they have seen these negotiations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates by the encouragement of United States of America, they got too much shocked. Even Pakistan has decided to raise the voice of Palestinians against Israel in United nations for the justice.


Consequences for Pakistan and China ;


1.This deal will be helpful for India and that is the main disadvantage for both Pakistan and China
2.USA and India are influencing middle-eastern countries that China and Pakistan are not to do so.
3.Trade and business deals will be signed among these nations , which is considered to be economic expansions , that China and Pakistan do not want
4.These nations can collaboratively work against terrorism , and anti-UNSC movements


Point to be noted ;

Pakistan is saying that we will provide justice to Palestinians against Israel from the United Nations.

What the Citizens of Israel and UAE are saying about this negotiation?


The citizens of these two nations responded positively on the behalf of their respective countries. According to them, a new hope of development and peaceful relations has been developed. Now, we are able to visit both countries easily without any political resistance.


Especially the citizens of UAE said that we are now be allowed to visit a Moscow in Israel because now all the restrictions have been over, and now both the countries have adopted the path of positive relations. And also we are wishing to expand this relationship more.


Point to be noted ;

Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar has said that UAE and South Arabia are violating the rules and regulations of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ).



Conclusion ;


According to our analysis, this peace deal between Israel and UAE will be very beneficial for both Israel, UAE, India and the United States of America because these countries are diplomatically connected with one another. So various kinds of task will be performed by the collaboration of these countries especially in terms of Oil supplies, Infrastructural developments etc





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