|| Again Big initiative by Indian govt. ||, Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020 towards North Eastern States

Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020

It is a fact that Bangladesh is an Islamic country initially known as East Pakistan, but still, the relationships between these countries are understandable. It has been highlighted that since Mr Modi and Mrs Sheikh Hasina came to power, the interactions have been improving continuously. Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020 in terms of helping the northeastern states of India, will be considered as a milestone.


Recent News;

  1. India-Bangladesh maritime connectivity has been given a major boost with the successful trial of the transmission of goods to India’s northeastern states with the help of Chittagong port.
  2. Initially, India used to send goods to Northeastern states via a long land route, which brought too much expenditure. But now through West Bengal’s port to Chittagong port in Bangladesh, the route has overcome.
  3. In July 2020, MV Shejyoti, a ship with cargo for Bangladeshi and also four containers bound for Indian states of Tripura and Assam, set sail from the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port at Haldia in West Bengal, India, for Chittagong.
  4. The journey was historic since this was the first trial of sending facilities to India’s landlocked northeastern states via Chittagong port in Bangladesh.




Proof ;



What are the main causes of Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020?


Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020
image source google.com


As we know that India’s northeastern states such as Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur,  Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim etc. are totally connected with Bangladesh in terms of territorial areas ( you can see in the above picture ). So, in order to send various facilities into northeastern countries, India faces difficulties because of long-distance,  which also brought hugely expenditure.


The reason;  To save the time and expenditure, Indian government decided to take the help of Bangladesh via sea route ( Chittagong Port ) in order to send goods to three India’s northeastern states, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura.


Point to be noted;

Recently in the month of August 2020, the Indian government has signed the railway connectivity program in northeastern states, which was initially in a low rate and will connect every capital of the northeastern state with other states and cities.



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Let’s have a look at the benefits to Bangladesh ;


  1. According to the experts, this facility will help to expand business services and revenue generation in Bangladesh.
  2. It is estimated that this deal will help Bangladesh to create jobs and investments in logical sector since Bangladesh’s vessels and trucks will be utilised to move the Indian cargo.
  3. Indian cargo also has to pay requisite taxes to use the facility in Bangladesh.
  4. This deal will also be helpful for politics in Bangladesh because Sheikh Hasina promised the public to transform Bangladesh into a connective hub.


Point to be noted;

Recently, in the month of July 2020, the Indian government has 13 trucks to Bangladesh for transmission of goods.



Some important Benefits to India;


  1. Time and travel expenditure will be saved automatically.
  2. India is going to get much more monetary benefits.
  3. Access to Chittagong and Mongla ports has been a phenomenal step. It is going to enhance the connectivity to the northeastern region which has been India’s Achilles heel.
  4. It will also help India to achieve its goals of Act East Policy.


Some clashes of India with Bangladesh;


  1. Unbanned border.
  2. Smuggling issues.
  3. Insurgencies.
  4. Teesta river issue.


Teesta River Dispute of India with Bangladesh;


Maritime help by Bangladesh for India in 2020
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History of Dispute;

West Bengal led the construction of a barrage and catchments area on Teesta river.

Bangladesh opposed on this issue because the Rangpur region of Bangladesh depends on the Teesta river. In order to overcome this issue, India began negotiation between them.

In 1983, India-Bangladesh conducted an agreement on Teesta river, in which the following parameters would be followed as given below;


CountryWater Share from Teesta river


But the problem was not get solved because Bangladesh wanted equal sharing of water from Teesta. In 1984, Joint-river commission appointed to collect hydrological data and suggest a rational method for water sharing.

That Joint-river commission recommended increasing the sharing of water for Bangladesh because West Bengal’s barrage is very close to Bangladesh border. Some water will penetrate underground and benefit both countries anyways.

After analyzing these parameters, new formula was proposed;


CountryWater share from Teesta river
Unallocated20% for the river ( otherwise nothing will reach to Bay of Bengal )


But still, this ongoing issue has not been solved yet due to some other personal issues.


|| Recent news||;  Chine lend $1 billion to Bangladesh for some developments on Teesta River ;



This is a very doubting full movement of Bangladesh of taking the help of China by $1 billion.  As we know that Bangladesh is a good friend of India for a long time. But right now, China is creating resistance in the relationships between India and Bangladesh.


Just like with Nepal and Pakistan, China has now decided to disturb Bangladesh via lending $1 billion for infrastructural developments on Teesta river against India.


Due to this help from China, Bangladesh will definitely think that China can be our’s good friend instead of India, which raised a voice on Teesta river issue. And also this help of China will affect the India-Bangladesh maritime interest that has been recently signed between these two nations for the transhipment of goods to the northeastern states of India.




According to our analysis, India-maritime interest will be a milestone for Bangladesh but if Bangladesh will support China then definitely India will take some other option to send its goods to northeastern states. But according to our point of view, Bangladesh can get more benefit from India instead of China because the maritime negotiations between these two countries will bring a lot of revenue to Bangladesh including railway investments, roads, bridges etc.  And also trade relations can also be improved between these two nations.










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