||A Big initiative|| ; Modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway of worth Rs 35,000 crores

modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway

After a few years, now Indian govt. is going to take some new initiatives in terms of infrastructural developments from 2020 onwards. Modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway which is a massive decision which brings economical set up in the respective areas.


Recent News;

  1.  Modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway which will be Rs 35,000 crores in worth. This expressway will connect Dehli with Katra via Amritsar.
  2. The total length of this expressway will be 687 km and it will reduce the distance from  727 km to 588 km.
  3. It will also bring an economic set up in nearby areas and also initiates the trade among the states\UTs.
  4.  It is estimated that this expressway will be completed in 2023 and started at work.






What is Expressway;


modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway
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Expressways are the highest class of roads in India. They are completely different from other highways both in terms of infrastructure and for trade perspectives. The material used to make these expressways is very superior and also it takes too much time to get constructed.


The driving speed in these expressways is very much higher than the local highways. Including all these, other various kinds of facilities are been given to expressways like a proper road management system, the facility of ambulances. That is why these expressways take a lot of expenditure and very limited countries prefer these expressways.


Facts ;

  • The majority of the investment required for constructing expressways comes from the Central government. 
  • Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are the only states which are investing in building expressways through dedicated expressway corporations.
  • The National Expressways Authority of India ( NEAI ) operating under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will be in charge of the construction and maintenance of expressways.



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Countries with Road length including the length of expressways;


RankCountrylength(km) of Roadslength of expressways
1.United States6,853,03695,950
2.European Union6,265,68784,192


How Modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway?



Union Minister Jitender Singh informed that work has been started for Delhi Express Road Corridor which will be completed in 2023. Minister said;  the travel time from Delhi to Katra will get reduced to around 6 1\2 hours and from Jammu to Delhi to just 6 hours.


By sharing the views. Dr Jitender Singh informed that once this expressway is on work, people will prefer to travel to Delhi by road instead of using railways, flights etc.  The main highlighted point of this road corridor is that it will connect the holy places of these respective regions ( Delhi, J&K and Amritsar ).


It is estimated to the worth of Rs 35,000 crores, the Minister said, the important cities through which this expressway will pass include Jammu and Kathua in J&K, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Kapurthala and Ludhiana in Punjab. It will also be considered as the growth of economic hub in cities like Kathua and Jammu.


Point to be noted;

PMO Jitender Singh has made believe to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that Indian government with them to make Jammu and Kashmir as an economic hub like a metropolitan city.  



The motive to develop this massive expressway || You must know || ;


As after the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi had decided to develop various kinds of infrastructure such as roads, buildings, solar parks, hydroelectric power projects, bridges, railway connections etc.


That is why the Modi government has been signing various agreements for the infrastructural developments in Jammu and Kashmir. As this expressway formation would be the first massive economic hub for Jammu Kashmir, Delhi, Amritsar.



  1. This expressway connects the religious place in both these respective cities, which will bring tourism in a huge amount.
  2. It will also bring the infrastructural set up in the nearby areas where this expressway is going to be set up.
  3. The distance will be shortened to 588 km instead of 727 km.
  4. Businessmen will be able to invest in nearby areas to this expressway in order to set up their business under the government.
  5. This expressway way is considered as the economic hub.
  6. The trade activities will be opened for these concern regions ( Jammu and Kashmir, Amritsar and Delhi ).


What are the views of local people regarding this development?



As you can see in the tweet, it has been cleared that the people are excited to see this expressway soon. They are very eager to travel their journey towards Jammu and Kashmir via this massive expressway. And also they will get benefit to travel from Delhi to Jammu and Kashmir in term of shortening of distance.


Some people have doubts regarding their land, which would have been conquered by this expressway. According to these people, their land as well as their home, businesses,  which lie at that location where this massive expressway is going to be constructed, will be destroyed.


So by analyzing this situation, the Indian government has decided to pay them according to their land to migrate from those places where the expressway is going to be constructed.




According to our analysis, we have concluded that the Modi govt. is leading Delhi-Katra Expressway in a very good manner. And it will bring several kinds of setups based on economic activities and will also bring employment over there.  We are hoping that this massive construction will be considered as a big milestone for the common people.
















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