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Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor

By observing Chinese activities in Nepal, Pakistan against India, Myanmar has decided to get pushed back from China’s strategies.  Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor investment for its own seeking profits.


Recent News;

  1. Myanmar pushing back itself from China’s strategic investments to develop port over there.
  2. In recent months, Myanmar has demonstrated its resistance to China.
  3. China is trying to deepen its influence on Naypyidaw through the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor ( CMEC ).




Proof ;



China-Myanmar Economic Corridor ;


Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor
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The China-Myanmar Economic Corridor will start from China’s Yunnan Province from Kumming near the China-Myanmar border.


The corridor will head towards Mandalay, Myanmar’s former royal capital on the bank of the Irrawaddy River.


From there, it will extend towards the east and west to Yangon new city and the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone.


Actually, China wants to set up a port in Kyaukphyu coastal region of Myanmar and also going to develop infrastructure like railway lines, roads and bridges etc.


Point to be noted;

Chine requires oil and gas pipelines from these respective areas of Myanmar.



The 2 main reasons for China’s investment in Myanmar;



Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor
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As we know that the US’s forces are deployed in the South China Sea including Strait of Malacca and somewhere, US forces can create resistance in the transmission of goods (trade) to China via Strait of Malacca. That is why China can face difficulties in the strait of Malacca.


The investment of China on Kyaukphyu deep- sea  port will be considered as a milestone for both China and Myanmar but only if China will not do anything which hurts Myanmar in terms of an economic, political issue.


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Reasons ;


  1. China is hoping that the Kyaukphyu deep-sea port will lower its dependence on the strait of Malacca. To get away from the clash with US’s forces in Strait of Malacca, China has decided to take steps forward in Kyaukphyu deepsea port, so that the trade from gulf countries like oil supply can easily be done just directly through this respective port in Myanmar.
  2. The Kyaukphyu deep-sea port is also critical for China’s energy security. The port houses an oil and gas pipeline, supplying energy to Yunnan province of China. And due to this reason, China is targeting a massive investment of around $100 billion in Myanmar’s economy.


Why does Myanmar ignoring China in the economic corridor?




As everybody knows about China’s intrusion in Gallwan Valley in Indian territory near the Indo-China border. While on the other side in Nepal and Pakistan, China uses its political strategies to create internal disturbances in India.


Myanmar’s ministers in civilian government have drawn lessons from the experience of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. In these countries, projects funded by China have pushed them into a debt trap and increased Beijing’s influence.


By observing all these parameters, Myanmar has decided that it will not disturb India-Myanmar relations, and also it has observed that until Myanmar will come to know about Myanmar’s benefit to this China-Myanmar Economic Corridor, it will not take too much interest in this economic corridor of China with Myanmar.


Point to be noted;

Myanmar decreased some ongoing investment of $7 billion to $ 2 billion.



Statement of Deputy Minister of planning (Myanmar);


Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor
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“U Set Aung”, the Deputy Minister of Planning and Finance and chairman of the Kyaukphyu SEZ Management Committee. He has openly warned against falling into the Chinese debt trap.


He has stressed that Chinese projects must-have commercial viability and benefits Myanmar. According to him, the Myanmar govt. will not support China until it will get benefits from Chinese projects.


What are the benefits for India by this ignorance of Myanmar to China?


  1. This ignorance of Myanmar to China will attract Myanmar more towards India.
  2. India and Myanmar have good diplomatic relations and Myanmar has more trust in India than China.
  3. Myanmar knows very well about China’s debt trap strategies that have applied to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


Conclusion ;


According to our analysis, we have concluded that Myanmar may take India’s help for the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor as a consulter. And if Myanmar take steps forward towards India in terms of investment then surely it will beneficial for it rather than investment by China because there is no chances of the debt trap with India.













Why Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor
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Why Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor
Myanmar ignoring China in economic corridor investment for its own seeking profits. It has decreased the allowance of China to $2 billion
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