New 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana and have spread COVID-19 risk in that Whole Area

new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana

The current situation of India is getting worse including J&K in terms of COVID-19 cases. At least 2.5 million cases are reportedly positive and in J&K almost 24,589 have infected with the coronavirus. Out of these, 18,000+ cases belong to Kashmir and 6,000+ from Jammu.  And now,  new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana area in Jammu division, which has spread too much risk of COVID-19 in that particular area.


Recent News ;

  • On 14 August 2020, new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana and are now under isolation.
  • This is a family of 6 members who has tested positive recently.
  • It is estimated that one of the members of this family lives in Delhi and came in Jammu for Raksha Bandhan, but unfortunately, she was corona positive and she even did not know about her corona positivity.
  • And now, the neighbours are suffering from coronavirus symptoms like cold, cough, shortness of breath.
  • Bari Brahmana police station in collaboration with Bishnah police has decided to investigate the individuals who were in contact with this family and will bring them in isolation.




Some tweets on COVID-19 cases in J&K ;



How new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana? ( Youtube video JK Media on positive cases in Jammu )



Now the question arises that how these new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana.  As per the report of the police , a lady family member lives in Delhi with her husband. And she went for Jammu on 2 August 2020.   According to lady, She has properly investigated herself at airports and did not have any symptom regarding coronavirus and tested negative.


She said;  when I came to Jammu, I was in touch with several relatives and also travelled through local matadors. But I don’t know, how I tested positive.


Point to be noted ;

When Bishnah Police came to know about her visit in Jammu from Delhi, it immediately came to their home and evacuated them all. And after that, all the family members tested positive.



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What is the current situation of that area?


 New 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana
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This is the factual thing that the corona positive family were in touch with a lot of people in their locality as well as with relatives. So, by observing this situation Bishnah police will be ordered to evacuate all these in touched members with these corona positive family members.


Especially the area from where these positive cases are founded is completely seized on the recommendation of District Magistrate. And best of all, are declared as contentment zones. And recently on 5 August 2020, govt. has ordered to unlock gyms but only if the District Magistrate will allow. Central govt. has given full shoot to the District Magistrate that if you found that the positive cases are rising quickly in any particular zone, then you can declare it as red zone including the application of 144.


Point to be noted ;

The Kothi Mod area of Bari Brahmana has been seized but rest of all are opened.


The reaction of the people ;


new 6 cases tested positive from Bari Brahmana
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According to the local people;  Several kinds of people came here in our village for spending their time with friends and play gambling here together. They came here and do gathering in order to play gambling with no social distancing, actually, they are violating the guidelines of the government .


The Panchayat administration of this area is not worrying about these gatherings, in fact, we think that Panchayat administration is collaborating with these ridiculous people came from different villages and places.


We have already complained about the Panchayat Sarpanch, but there is no response from his side to us. He just ignores us at every time, whenever we go to him for complaint. So that is why we want some strict actions from govt. to overcome this kind of gathering in our area.


Point to be noted ;

Local people said, Gambling should be restricted in our area, which create a gathering of several kinds of people came here from different villages and places.


State-wise Cases and deaths ;


States/UTPositive casesDeath
Andaman and Nicobar Islands95624
Arunachal Pradesh18719
Dadar and Nagar Haveli8636
Daman and Diu5212
Himachal Pradesh3,11324
Madhya Pradesh40,6421127
Tamil Nadu3,65855,222
Uttar Pradesh2,52742,102
West Bengal82, 5962,247
Andhra Pradesh1,78,6581657
Jammu and Kashmir24,587425


Conclusion ;

According to our research, we have found that people do not follow the guidelines of govt. and even though, they do not wear masks. So we think, govt. should take some actions against these kinds of anti-implementations. And also take actions against the Panchayat Administrations, which are not aware of their respective villages.



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