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oppo A5 version 2020

We are going to unbox the Oppo A5 version 2020 with its full features and we are sure that some of you who are reading who are thinking wait aren’t this phone ready out and it did come out in other markets towards the end of last year. However, it did this week launch with O2 so it’s at a lower price in the UK of£169.99 and from other retailers around £179.99 so this version comes with 3 Giga of RAM and 64 Giga worth of storage obviously in other markets.

Price in India Rs. 11,800.




You can get higher versions of that but yeah let’s take a look what’s inside here so here’s the phone itself. If we can get it out there we go so here it is so this version is the mirror-blockquote-unquote you can also get it in the dazzling. White make of that name what you will this comes with a 6.5-inch display and a waterdrop notch now waterdrop notches it really comes down to personal preference we personally don’t mind them. We prefer that to say a pop-up camera because We feel like you might have more chance of damaging it and we really don’t think they interrupt the whole display you still get a really good view when you’re watching movies or whatever it is that, you need to watch on the actual phone itself.




You’ve got the USBC charger a headphone jack you’ve also got room for a dual sim and a micro SD and yeah we think that’s served the majority over you’ve got a fingerprint scanner on the back you’ve got a quad-camera there and you’ve got a selfie camera on the front there which is obviously where the notches in the actual box itself. You have a case which is very very handy because you know obviously, that can cost a little bit of extra money.

So basically, we’ve got a quad-camera so the main thing to know is that the main camera itself is a 12-megapixel lens you also get an ultra-wide lens on there and the other two we actually reviewed the A9 2020 which also came with a quad-camera.

The phones also come fitted with a screen protector and so that’s just really handy because we don’t know about you but we fitting them ourselves it can be a bit awkward and they can end up cracking in the rest of the box. You get the charger USBC and some headphones and then the standard user manual, and of course the little pin to help put your sim. In so while we’ve got that all sorted we gonna set up this phone now.  We’ll chat a little bit more about the specs and what it can do and the camera so see you in a minute.


Oppo A5 version 2020;


Okay, so we have gone through all the setup now let’s clear everything away. Hey look at that magic right so here we go let’s have a look at this phone here so this runs on android 9 and colour OS 6.1 if you’re thinking about getting a phone with Android 10.

This isn’t really the one because we would say that Android 10 is really only come into flagships first so it may be a while if ever it comes to there but you know with the OS that it runs on it’s still pretty up to date so really for the price point you’re still getting quite a lot for your money there. The interface is quite simple to be able to navigate and be able to have a look at everything that you’ve got on there.

It’s not overloaded with lots of different apps which is quite nice we quite find that when we are. You know a lot of the other phones will come with things that you’ll never use and that’s not really a problem with Oppo phones which is really good moving on to the actual camera.


Oppo A5 Recommended for You;



I felt that the other two lenses you didn’t really know their use as much so it’s more for like you know it boasting about spec. We would say but regardless if the camera is anything on that is haven’t anything to go by then. This one should still perform reasonably well for the price point of the phone. You also get a night mode on the camera now this was one of the things that I noticed on the A9 2020 really good again considering that it was a cheaper phone for reference that a nine is around just under the 250 mark.

You got a really good range of colours and stuff like that and obviously, this is not something that we’ve tested. It’s bright daylight right now so it’s hard to know but it’d be interesting to see how that performs. So you also get the front selfie camera which is 8 megapixel again you know not the greatest but you know you’re not getting a flagship phone here. So it’s still reasonable for what you’re going to expect now the main thing we want to talk about here on this phone and what really impressed me on the A9 2020 is the battery life.


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Battery and Processor;


oppo A5 version 2020
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So this smartphone comes with a 5000mah battery which is massive it lasts about when I use the A9 2020 it lasted about two days and that was using it with social media having a look at videos and things like that and even when it got down to like the last few percentages, it still managed to last we kept being like when is this phone going to die and it just didn’t and that’s really good. However, it is worth knowing that this does not come with fast charging so it can take a little while to charge obviously something to bear in mind if you know you’re running low and you need it going quickly you can of course. It changes to the usual power-saving mode should you wish to.

So it’s also this phone runs on the snapdragon 616processor which is a decent mid-range processor. Again hard to know from the first look how fast it performs and how it tests under you know high stressful things. So if you know if you’re gaming or if you’re watching videos and it’s hard to know from the initial look but it should perform decently in theory.

It also comes with a game space boost performance thing. Now, again this was something that I tested as well on the A9 and we personally didn’t notice a lot of difference when turning this on. But we mean, it can depend on what type of game that you’re using and if mobile gaming is really your thing, this may be a massive plus to consider with the phone.

So yeah we mean, these are our initial thoughts we are actually spending some time with the A5 over the next few weeks to be able to use it every day. And actually, see whether this killer battery unit should do but you know always worth a try we’ll be intrigued to see how the camera performs and whether 12-megapixel really is a super downgrade. But we mean all things considered and from first initial thoughts, we are pretty hopeful that this will be quite a decent affordable phone from Oppo. It looks really nice as well I think that’s definitely worth mentioning because that is in the price point it looks a lot you know more expensive than it actually is which is quite nice.




If you’re not willing to drop you know the price of a holiday on your phone and yeah so basically lookout for the review that will be on getupdatedinfo.com within probably a few weeks and we’ll be able to give you a more detailed rundown regarding more gadgets.

|| Oppo Smart Phone || Oppo A5 version 2020 with features
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|| Oppo Smart Phone || Oppo A5 version 2020 with features
We are going to unbox the Oppo A5 version 2020 with its full features and having 3 Giga of RAM and 64 Giga worth of storage obviously in other markets.
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