Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK on Indus river

Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK

Pakistan is India’s western neighboring country, and it is always in several controversies with India in terms of water, territorial area etc. On the basis of water, a treaty had signed between India and Pakistan in which western river’s water always taken by Pakistan including the water of Indus. While eastern river’s water is taken by India. Now, Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK on Indus river, which might create a big conflict between India and Pakistan.


Recent news;

  • Pakistan in collaborating with China has decided to construct a massive dam on Indus river in Pakistan occupied Kashmir ( POK ).
  • Diamer-Basha is the name of the dam which is going to be constructed in POK.
  • China is going to $14 billion in this project.
  • This project is led by Pakistan Army with the help of Chinese company.
  • This project might have completed in 2028.




Why Pakistan is building Diamer-Basha dam on Indus river;


Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK
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As we know that Pakistan uses the water of Indus river for irrigation purpose and many more. after 1947 when Pakistan got separated from India, then Pakistan started to capture the whole part of Gilgit-Baltistan. But in a actual way, Maharaja Hari Singh integrate whole Jammu and Kashmir including Gilgit-Baltistan with India, when Pakistani troops came there to attack Jammu and Kashmir in order to capture it including POK.


After the annexation of whole Jammu and Kashmir including Gilgit-Baltistan with India, Indian troops came there to tackle Pakistani troops as per the orders of Indian govt.


But unfortunately, Pakistani troops or Pathans did not get completely washed from Gilgit-Baltistan and then from that period onwards, Pakistan illegally occupied the POK area and claims its as its own territorial part.


Pakistan wants to take more water from Indus river as much as they want.
It uses this water for irrigation purpose to develop its agriculture sector more and more.
Also Pakistan wants to generate electricity by making dams over there, so that it would be able to increase its revenue.
Pakistan can also use this as a hydro weapon against India, because 6 tributaries of Indus river flow from India and if Pakistan stores more water then it can use it as flood weapon to submerge Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh.


Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan;


Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK
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Indus water Treaty is the treaty of sharing of water of Indus river between India and Pakistan. This treaty was signed in July 1960 between Jawahar lal Nehru and Pakistan Army Gen. Ayub Khan. On the recommendation of the World Bank, Jawahar lal Nehru and Ayub Khan signed water-sharing treaty. This treaty was considered to be the best treaty at that point of time because after being in big controversies, both India and Pakistan peacefully signed this treaty and till now this treaty has been continuously followed by both the countries.


Water sharing features under Indus water Treaty;


Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK
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  • Under this treaty, India will use 20% of Indus water, while on the other side Pakistan will use 80% of it.
  • These rivers consist of 16.8 CAF water, but out of 16.8 CAF, India will use only 20% water but Pakistan will use 80% water from western rivers.
  • Indus river mainly consists of five tributaries i.e Jhelum, Chenab, Sutlej, Ravi and Beas. In this treaty, world bank recognized these six rivers into western and eastern rivers.
  • Indus, Jhelum and Chenab came under western zone, while on the other side, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas came under eastern zone.


The reaction of India against this construction of the dam;


Pakistan-China building a disputed dam in POK
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Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that Pakistan can not construct any dam on Indus river in Pakistan occupied Kashmir ( POK ). According to Indian Govt. POK is an integral part of India. And Pakistan can not build any dam over there in collaborating with the third party. If Pakistan will construct a dam over there, then definitely Pakistan will use that Indus water as a hydro weapon against India.


Statements of Indian Ministry of External Affairs;
Ministry said; if Pakistan will make dam on Indus, there is possibility that it will be harmful for Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh. The whole union territory can be submerge if Pakistan opens the dam suddenly.
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is the integral part of India, then it is completely illegal to build dam in that area with out the consultation of the respective country. 


The reaction of Pakistani Punjab’s people against this construction;



The people of Pakistani Punjab have been protesting against this illegal dam construction on Indus river in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir because they say that we are not able to use enough Indus water for the irrigation purpose. According to them, they face droughts in their fields without proper water supply. 


The water of Indus river is only used by the nearer areas to Indus river intrusion into Pakistan but when the Indus water reach to Karachi, the maximum water of Indus river is already used by the initial areas of Pakistan. That is why they face droughts over there in the fields and can not do their proper irrigation.



Actually, Pakistan is constructing Diamer-Basha dam illegally because POK is the integral part of India and without the consultation of India, how Pakistan can build a dam across Indus river. But now, Indian govt. has condemned against this illegal intrusion of Pakistan against India. India has also decided to build another dam just beyond Diamer-Basha dam, but this may be considered as the violation pf Indus Water treaty. Due to which, Pakistan can do court case as well against India.

So, we are hoping that Indian govt. will take some actions against this illegal activity of Pakistan.



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