Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal has sanctioned to spread terrorism in Kashmir region

Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal

In tensions at the northern front among three countries namely India, China and Pakistan, the situations are getting worse. To tackle India via terrorism, Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal has been done, due to which Pakistan and China will share their intelligence with the help of their intelligence agencies like Inter-Services Intelligence ( Pakistan ), Ministry of State Security ( China ).



Recent News ;

  • Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal has now come into work against India via Afghanistan.
  • China will develop unbreakable bonds with the Taliban and will invest in Afghanistan for infrastructural developments.
  • This intelligence sharing deal between Pakistan and China will also affect the US’s interests in Afghanistan.
  • It is estimated that Pakistan’s terrorism will collaborate with the Taliban in support with China, then automatically they will firstly target India via Kashmir.



According to the report, China aims to fulfil multiple objectives with the arrangements.

These objectives include denying Uighur a safe haven in Afghanistan. Reportedly, Pakistan and China have secured pledges from the Taliban to not support the  Uighur. China also aims economic expansion in this region and trying hard to take its belt and road initiatives to Afghanistan.




Proof of Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal ;



Why does China want to strengthen its relations with the Taliban via Pakistan’s Intelligence agency?


Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal
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As we know that China has a Western region known as Xinjiang in which a Uighur Muslim community survive. As per the recent confirmations, it has been cleared that Uighur Muslims are torched by Chinese troops in Xinjiang region of China, and it lies just nearby Afghanistan.


Point to be noted ;

Uighur Muslims have been migrating to Afghanistan to get protected from Chinese troops, and also they are joining the Taliban terrorist group to make themselves strong enough against China. So right now, China is thinking that if Uighur Muslims are doing such things against China, then it will create an internal disturbance in Xinjiang region of China. And also there is a possibility of Uighur Muslims to spread terrorism in China.

How this deal will affect the US’s interests in Afghanistan? ( Watch this video, everything will be cleared )



Uighur Muslims are now migrating in Taliban to get rid of Chinese torcher and have decided not to go back in Chinese administration, in fact, they are preparing themselves against Chinese troops for their cruel work on Uighur Muslims. While on the other side in Afghanistan, the US’s forces are deployed for a long time after Osama’s attack on the United States of America.


Role of US’s Forces in Afghanistan;


As everybody knows about the attack led by Al-Qaeda on the United States of America in 9-11-2001 on White House and some other places of the USA. After this attack, the United States of America get shocked that who has done this kind of huge blast in the USA. Almost 2000 people lost their lives in this tragedy.  After that, an investigation was started by the “Central Intelligence Agency of America“. And they concluded that an Afghanistan’s terrorist named as ” Osama Bin Laden ” is responsible for this attack.


The USA suggested Afghanistan administration to handover Osama, but they refused. After some time, the USA sent its soldiers in Afghanistan to destroy Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. That is why from that day onwards  Us’s forces are deployed to control the terrorist activities of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda against the USA.


Point to be noted ;

US’s Army is deployed over there in Afghanistan for surveillance and to control terrorist activities in future. But now, US President Donald Trump is pushing back US soldiers to the USA because now in 2020, elections are coming and he actually wants to represent his citizens that he is bringing back US’s soldiers peacefully and also wants to represent sympathy.

US-Taliban Peace Deal ;


Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal
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After Osama’s attack on the United States of America, US decided to find out him by the help of Central Intelligence Agency, They gave threat to Afghanistan to hand over Osama Bin Laden to the United States of America. But the Taliban did not accept this proposal and said that Osama is not responsible for this big tragedy. After that US made a policy to attack Afghanistan and capture the whole Taliban including Osama Bin Laden.


The United States of America attacked Afghanistan and deployed its Army over there to surveillance since 2001. And now they had just decided to make peace in Afghanistan by pushing back US soldiers and signed a Peace Deal of bringing back US troops from Afghanistan. But after some time of peace deal, Taliban terrorist attack on Gurudhwara in Afghanistan. So by analysis, it was declared that the attack was done by the Taliban. Then the USA immediately rejected that peace deal with Afghanistan.


US President Donald Trump said; Afghanistan is not even able to control its own internal disturbances then how can it be possible that they will follow the peace deal. So that is why we are going to reject this deal with Afghanistan.


Point to be noted;

In an actual manner, the Taliban runs the Afghanistan administration since a long time. The USA did not wash out Taliban terrorist from Afghanistan and they founded Osama Bin Laden Pakistan, instead of his presence in Afghanistan.

By this cancellation of Peace Deal between USA and Afghanistan, the terrorist activities in Afghanistan may increase, which will also risky for India near Kashmir because Pakistan and Taliban terrorists will work collaboratively and will be leading by ISI.

How the Intelligence Sharing deal between Pakistan and China will be risky for India;


Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal
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The Pakistan-China Intelligence sharing deal may also affect India also in terms of Terrorism and Investments. China is going to invest in Afghanistan by the consultation of Pakistan because these two nations are creating majority trust in Afghanistan rather than India. The main fact is that Pakistan ISI and Afghanistan Taliban has good relationships, these relationships were developed when the Taliban was dominating and oppressed by USSR. At that point of time, ISI came in front and provided help to the Taliban.


This help of ISI led a good relationship with the Taliban since that time. So now, to counter China from Uighur terrorists of Afghanistan, ISI of Pakistan will help China to make close contacts with Afghanistan. China will influence Afghanistan by investments via ISI.


Point to be noted ;

China will invest in Afghanistan for mining and infrastructure developments as well, which will help China to influence Afghanistan. And also, India has invested in Afghanistan to make 15 dams on Kabul river, this investment of India may come in risk.

Investment of China in Iran, Pakistan and now in Afghanistan;


As China already invested $400 billion in Iran for infrastructural developments like Railway lines, ports, Airports, Tourism, Mining and Industrialization. Same in Pakistan, China has invested $67 billion on CPEC project which also includes  Railway lines, Airports, Solar power projects etc. And now in Afghanistan, China is going to invest more to setup Railway lines, Mining etc.


As we have seen that China is developing Railway lines in these countries, which will help China to cut the travel distance by land route rather than sea route towards Arabian Sea.


Point to be noted ;

Crude oil comes from Iran and Iraq via Arabian sea and then sold to India, China, Pakistan etc. When China reached the Arabian sea via a railway network, then surely it will develop ports as well over there, which can help China to resist crude oil supply to India.

Massive Terrorist Attacks in Jammu And Kashmir region since 2016;


S.NoMassive Terrorist attack in India since 2016
1.URI attack in 2016, where 20 Jawans got martyred.
2. Pathankot air base , where 7 Jawans got martyed.
3.Pulwama attack in 2019, where 44 Jawans got martyred
4.Attack on Nagrota Army camp, where 7 Jawans got martyred
5.Attack on CRPF convoy on Srinagar-Jammu highways, 8 Jawans got martyred
6.Attack on Army Battalion on Baramulla-Srinagar highway, 8 Jawans got martyred
7.Attack on Army camp in Panjgam, 3 Jawans got martyred





According to our analysis, this intelligence sharing deal between Pakistan and China will surely affect both USA and India in terms of terrorism. But India would be disturbed in two parameters, Ist is in terrorism by both Taliban and Pakistan, and the 2nd is in an investment of India in Afghanistan on dams developments on Kabul river. But now India is not like the India of 1962, now it has been developing in nowadays in terms of defence, the economy as well.

And now, recently India is going to sign a Make in India project named as Defense Production and Promotion Policy, which will be worth of 1.75 Lakh crore investment of defence to manufacturing defensive structure, it will helpful for India to develop both its defence as well as an economic sector.




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