| Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK that are helpful for all Exams

| Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK

 | Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK ; 


Q1. The sitting of the House of the People may be terminated by;


1.  Prorogation.

2. Adjournment.

3. Dissolution.

4. All of these.


Answer – 4.




 Adjournment means to stop something for a particular interval of time. Adjournment is done by anyone of the chairperson of both the houses.

Prorogation is also considered as a termination in the session and is lead by the President of India.

Dissolution means the abrogation of Lok Sabha by the President.


Q2. What was the Nalanda University world famous for?


1. Logic.

2. Medical Science.

3. Chemical Science.

4. Buddhist Philosophy.


Answer – 4




Nalanda University is in Bihar. It was formed by Kumar Gupta. Another University in Bihar is Vikramsheela University and was formed by Dharampal. Both these Universities were broken by Bakhtiar Khilji.

Bakhtiar Khilji was the commander in chief of Qutub-Din-Aiabak. Qutub-Din-Aiabak was the slave of Mohd. Gori.

Nalanda University was broken because this University was spreading Buddhism.


Q3. The Nagarjunasagar Dam is built across which of the following rivers?


1. Kosi.

2. Krishna

3. Sutlej.

4. Chambal.


Answer – Krishna




Srisailam Dam and Nallamalasagar Dam are also on Krishna river.

The Kosi river is also known as the ” Sorrow of Bengal “. Another dam on Kosi river is under construction named as Saptakoshi.

Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, Gandhisagar Dam, Jawaharsagar Dam are  on Chambal river.

Bhakra Nangal Dam is on Sutlej river.

Dams are the temples of Modern India,” said Jawahar Lal Nehru.


Q4. If the velocity of a body is doubled;


1. It’s Potential energy is doubled.

2. It’s Kinetic energy is 4 times.

3. Its Momentum is doubled.

4. Its Acceleration is doubled.


Answer – 2




As we know that Kinetic Energy = 1/2 mv

If velocity is doubled then K.E = 1/2 m2

i.e K.E = 4 x 1/2 mv which four times.


Q5. ” Man of Peace ” is associated with;


1. Ashoka

2. M.K Gandhi,

3. Jawaharlal Nehru.

4. Lal Bahadur Shastri.


Answer – 4




Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji was the Second Prime Minister of India and gave a Slogan ” Jai Jawan Jai Kisan “.

Ashoka’s other names – Devampriya and Piyadassi.


Q6. Which one of the following longitudes determines the Indian Standard Time?


1. 85.5 Degree East.

2. 86.5 Degree East.

3. 84.5 Degree East.

4. 82.5 Degree East.


Answer – 4




Difference between Indian Standard Time and the Green Vich Mean Time is of 5:30 hours.

Indian Standard Time passes through Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.


Q7. In India, Political Parties are given recognition by;


1. President.

2. Law Commission.

3. Speaker of Lok Sabha.

4. Election Commission.


Answer – 4




Article 324 deals with the Election Commission of India.

Sunil Arora is the current Election Commissioner of India.

Article 326 says that the Adult up to 18, can cast the vote.

Under 61 Constitutional Amendment, the voting age reduced from 21 to 18.

Right now, the 21st Law Commission is going on. BS Chouhan is the Law Commissioner of India.

Money Bill always passes in Lok Sabha and comes under Article 110. And it should be passed within 14 days.

Lok Sabha Speaker – Article 93.


Q8. Lotteries organised by the Government of a State come under;


1. The Union List.

2. The State List.

3. The Concurrent List.

4. No List mentioned in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India.


Answer – 2




Union list – Central govt.

State list – State govt.

Concurrent list – Union and State both.

All these three lists come under 7th Schedule of the Constitution.


Recommended Article;

1st September Current Affairs 2020.


Q9. Kakolat Water Fall is situated in which of the following states?


1. Bihar.

2. Uttar Pradesh.

3. Himachal Pradesh.

4. Uttarakhand.


Answer – 1




1st Biggest Waterfall in India is Kunchikal on Varahi river in Karnataka.

2nd is Jog or Mahatma Gandhi or Garsopa falls on Sharavati river in Karnataka.


Q10. The Caves and rock-cut temples at Elora are;


1. Buddhist.

2.Buddhist and Jain.

3. Hindu and Jain.

4. Hindu, Buddhist and Jain.


Answer – 4




Elora caves are made by Rashtrakutas.

Total 34 caves.

They are in Maharashtra.

Jataka Tails are written in Ajanta Caves.


Q11. Which of the following Union Territories of India has the Least Population?


1. Pondicherry.

2. Daman and Diu.

3. Lakshadweep.

4. Andaman and Nicobar.


Answer – 3




Highest populated Union Territory of India is Chandigarh.

Kavarti is the capital of Lakshadweep.

10 Degree Channel is between Andaman and Nicobar Island.

9 Degree Channel is between Laccadweep and Minicoy.

8 Degree Channel is between Minicoy and Maldives.


Q12. Who among the following ladies wrote a historical account during the Mughal Period?


1. Gulbadan Begum.

2. NoorJahan Begum.

3. jahanara Begum.

4. Zebun – Nissah Begum.


Answer – 1




Gulbadan Begum was the sister of Humayun and wrote a book “ Humayunama “. It was the biography of Humayun.

Humayun’s Tomb is in Delhi. It is a Prototype Taj Mahal and was made by Haji Begum ( wife of Humayun ).

NoorJahan Begum – took a title from Jahangir.

Jahangir killed 5th Sikh Guru ” Arjan Dev Singh “.

Jahanara Begum was the sister of Aurangzeb and daughter of Shah Jahan.


Q13. Palghat is a division of which of the following Railways?


1. Southern Railway.

2. South Eastern Railway.

3. South Central Railway.

4. South Western Railway.


Answer – 1




Palghat is in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu connects with Palakkad in Kerala.

Thalghat connects Nashik and Mumbai.

Bhorghat connects Mumbai and Pune.

The Headquarter of Southern Railway is in Chennai.

South Eastern Railways – Kolkata.

South Central Railways – Sikandrabaad.

South Western Railways – Hubli ( Karnataka ).

Vikram Sarabhai is known as the father of the Nuclear program in India.


Q14. Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion etc, ( Article 15 of the Constitution of India ) is a Fundamental Right classifiable under;


1. The Right to Freedom of Religion.

2. The Right against Exploitation.

3. The Cultural and Educational Right.

4. The Right to Equality.


Answer – 4




Right to Equality – Article 14 to 15.

Cultural and Educational Rights – Article 29 to 30.

Right against exploitation – Article 23 to 24.

Right to Freedom of Religion – Article 25 to 28.

Freedom of Speech and Expression – Article 19 to 22.

Article 32 – Constitutional Remedies.


Q15. Clothes keep us warm in winter because they;


1. Supply Heat.

2. Do not Radiate Heat.

3. Prevent air from contacting the body.

4. Prevent the heat of the body from escaping.


Answer – 4




These are a bad conductor of heat.




We will provide you with more GK quiz for you based on static GK. We also provide the quiz of a particular topic or a subject and also current affairs on both National as well as international levels.

Stay Tuned with us.



| Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK that are helpful for all Exams
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| Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK that are helpful for all Exams
| Railways | Top 15 MCQs of Static GK ; Q1. The sitting of the House of the People may be terminated by;1.  Prorogation.2. Adjournment.3. Dissolution.4. All of these.
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