|31 July 2020| – Supreme Court’s decision on UGC exams 2020 will be declared soon on 10 August

Supreme Court's decision on UGC exams 2020

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The UGC exams are pending for the last year students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And now the Supreme Court’s decision on UGC exams 2020 has been extended due to some issues. According to the Supreme court, the decision will be declared after watching each and every parameter including consequences of COVID-19 risk. The final decision will be declared on 10 August 2020.


Actually, in these days due to coronavirus, every student is suffering ( primary, secondary, college-level ). Especially in UGC’s last year candidates who are at the border of degree, are totally puzzled that whether their exams will be conducted or not. That is why this case was handover-ed to the supreme court.



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On 22 July 2020, the members of NSUI protested against the supreme court’s delay on a declaration of exams decision. According to students, the supreme court is playing with the futures of students who are at the last level to take a degree of graduation. Students were hoping for the better decision by the supreme court but the supreme court wants to analyse everything about coronavirus consequences, that is why the supreme court has postponed the decision.


Statement of Justice Bhushan on these Guidelines of UGC;


Supreme Court's decision on UGC exams 2020
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On 31 July 2020, it has been cleared that Supreme Court’s decision on UGC exams 2020 has been postponed, and it will be declared on 10 August 2020. This case was led by the three senior judges named as Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul,  Justice Ashok Bhushan,  Justice Mr. Shah. They collaboratively work on the ongoing issue of UGC exams, and now they have decided that they will declare decision after a few days because they have to analyse everything. 



 Justice Ashok Bhushan said that the decision will be declared on 10 August 2020 because firstly we will have to take reports from the state\UT govt. about the actual situation of COVID-19 cases in their respective states

Let us suppose in Maharashtra, the COVID-19 cases have crossed the barrier of 4 lakh, then how could the supreme court give permission to conduct UGC exams. That is why, Supreme Court has decided to take reports from the states\UT, then after they will proceed their work in future. 


Supreme Court has deeply listened and understood the views of UGC students about their exam issue but a lot of COVID-19 situations arise in front.


Delhi High Court’ Appeal to Supreme Court about UGC Exams;


Supreme Court's decision on UGC exams 2020
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Delhi High Court’s statement; Delhi high court simply appealed to the Supreme Court of India to provide permission to universities for just conducting multiple-choice based exams rather than the complete theoretical portion. It asked the University Grants Commission to issue a clarification about the way in which the final year exams will be held for different Universities and college students in the upcoming days.

Justice Prathiba M Singh who was hearing the case asked the UGC to explain imports of its guidelines that it had issued in the month of April, where it mentioned the type of examinations that can be conducted by a college for last year candidates.


During the hearing, UGC said that it is important for final year students of college and universities to appear for the final year exams. It also said that the guidelines issued by it do not follow the promotion of final year students on the basis of internal assignments, as doing so will put the credibility of the education system at stake.


Demands of Youth for UGC Exams;


Supreme Court's decision on UGC exams 2020
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  • Students especially who are in the last year wants a degree with no exams due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They want mass promotions.
  • According to them, the Supreme Court is ignoring the career of Indian youth, and that is why youth is protesting to attain mass promotion for their betterment. 
  • Also after COVID-19, the unemployment rate has been increased to a huge level, in fact, a lot of employees got unemployed, so that is why they appeal to govt. to produce employment.

Govt.’s initiatives regarding employment during Lockdown period;


Supreme Court's decision on UGC exams 2020
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As everybody knows that during this lockdown period, India has invested millions of dollars to stabilize GDP, and PM Modi has successfully done this by boycotting Chinese apps and products. Now, big countries like Germany, France, USA and many more big companies have invested in India for manufacturing. 


For eg. German’s footwear company is now shifting from China to India, Japan is now going to set up 1500 MW solar project in Uttar Pradesh, Google has invested Rs. 7500 crore for digital marketing set up, South Korean companies like LG, Samsung are now going to set up their branches in India. These are some important achievements of Indian govt. in these days during the lockdown period. Surely, these will generate employments in India. 




Supreme court of India wants to analyse the reports from each state\UT about the COVID-19 cases and situations that are going on these days, and then it will work on the appeal of UGC students for the exams. We are hoping that this case will be solved soon and surely, the Supreme Court will take a good decision for the betterment of students who are in the last year in their respective university or College. COVID-19 has turned every system into a loss, whether it is in economy, polity, socialism etc. but it takes time to be settled up. But we should not lose our hope, be confident and happy. 



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