|| Bollywood News || Tanushree Dutta is back in bollywood after a long time

Tanushree Dutta is back in bollywood

Recently, actress Tanushree Dutta is back in Bollywood.  She left everyone in awe with her transformation pictures.   She went from being healthy to being extremely fit. And her transformation has left all of us spellbound. Through her Instagram post,  Tanushree informed one and all that she has lost about 15 to 17 kilos. And now, she is ready to begin her second inning in the Hindi film industry.

In an exclusive interview, Tanushree opened up about her weight loss journey,   the remarks that were passed at her when she used to weigh heavier, her diet plan,   the reason why she reduced her weight and more. Tanushree shared a photograph of herself with a long note addressing everything from her fight against her harassers to her weight loss journey to get herself ready. She started off by saying how she said no to a prestigious job with the US Government just so she could give Bollywood another shot.



She wrote, “Some old news doing the rounds that I’m doing an IT job in LA.  I was in fact training for in IT and had a fantastic IT job opportunity in the defence sector of the US Government. It was a very prestigious job opportunity as I have always had the discipline, integrity and determination of an army person so to work in this field in whatever capacity would have been an honour.


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But I didn’t take it as I wanted to explore my artistic career again, Dutta feels she is an artist, and therefore, wants to give her creative side another shot,   instead of changing her career completely. She says that she lost her way a bit due to some very bad human beings who caused her immense trouble, but now she is reclaiming control and reconsidering her options in Bollywood.

Tanushree Dutta had accused her co-actor Nana Patekar of harassing her on the sets of 2008 released, Horn Ok in what is touted as the beginning of the Indian #MeToo movement. Tanushree Dutta was last seen in 2010 film Apartment. A decade after her last release,   Tanushree announces her big Bollywood comeback. And we wish her the very best.

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