The Top 3 reasons for ||4G ban in J&K|| that people are very eager to know

Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K

As we know that everybody in Jammu and Kashmir is very eager for 4G restoration.  But the supreme court has been adjourning this demand of the people of Jammu and Kashmir since this case was handover to the supreme court. There are possibly the Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K  that every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir wants to know.


Recent News on 4G for Jammu and Kashmir ;

  • Recently in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir,  4G internet has been restored for just trial based.
  • Supreme court has given this trial based permission to J&K in order to analyse the situations after 4G use.
  • On 16  August 2020, the permission granted to the restored 4G network only in 2 districts of Jammu and Kashmir.




Recent tweets for 4G ;


Let’s go through the Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K;


Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K
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On 5 August 2019, Indian govt. dismissed an article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and after that govt. banned both internet and phone calls in the Jammu and Kashmir region.   At that moment the main policy of the Indian government was to maintain law and order in a territory, that is why the government had also taken a big step of applying the section 144 in Jammu and Kashmir. 


Here the top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K ;

  • To overcome the anti-national activities via social media in Kashmir.
  • To stop the separatist’s connections with Pakistan.
  • To delay the timings of terrorist activities by banning the 4G network.


To overcome Anti-National activities via Social Media in Kashmir;



As we know that the anti-national activities are happening very much in Kashmir, and initially it used to happen with the help of both physically and by using social media.  According to the Intelligence Agencies, the maximum number of riots happen only by spreading fake news against India on social media platforms like tweeter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp etc.


A lot of separatists who were there in Kashmir used to wash the minds of Kashmiri youth by spreading fake news and by discouraging the youth against the Indian government.  


Also, Read;


For example ;



Point to be noted ;

Amir Khan said that his wife feels safe in Islamic Turkey.  So, Somewhere, this kind of statements create religious as well as anti-national sentiments on social media, due to which the chances of riots get more.


So, to overcome these kinds of anti-national activities on social media even after the abrogation of article 370, the India government had taken the steps to stop internetworking including phone calls in Jammu and Kashmir valley.


Few positive outputs after the 4G banning ;


S.NoFew Outputs
1.No online protests and riots have yet happened in Kashmir Valley.
2.Terrorist activities have been overcome.
3.Peace has been maintained in Kashmir.
4.People are cooperating with Government.


To Stop Separatists Connections with Pakistan ;


Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K
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The Hurriyat leader Sayed Ali Geelani in Kashmir is considered to be a separatist by the Indian government because he has very good relationships with the Pakistan government. He used to spread terrorism via Pakistan’s terror fundings to Kashmiri youth. By observing these kinds of anti-national activities by separatists, the Indian government decided to push back their security.


These separatists cheat India by having connections with Pakistan to spread terrorism in Kashmir, which causes a lot of disturbances internally in the valley.


Popular Statement of Sayed Ali Geelani against India while applying for a passport;   He says openly that he is not Indian. Travelling on the Indian passport is a compulsion of every Kashmiri as Kashmir is an internationally accepted disputed region between India and Pakistan.


News about Geelani ;

Sayed Ali Geelani has been conferred with the highest civilian award of Pakistan i.e, Nishan E Pakistan recently, and also Geelani has resigned from his Hurriyat party because he is suffering from heart and kidney diseases.


To Delay the terrorist activities by banning the 4G network;


Top 3 reasons for 4G ban in J&K
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After the abrogation of article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, The National Security Advisor of India “ Mr Ajit Doval “, visited Kashmir in order to analyse the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Where he concluded that the internet should be banned here for at least one year because according to him, some antinationalists help terrorist to provide useful information of Indian Armed Forces with the help internet.


Important >>>>> According to him, if the internet has not a 4G speed or either it has been banned for more time, then how the anti-nationalists would contact the terrorists immediately in order to do terrorist attack here. So in that delayed gaps of terrorists attack due to improper functioning of the internet, our intelligence agencies can make plans to tackle Anti-nationalists. That is why the terrorist activities and recruitments have been overcome in the valley. 


Point to be noted;

According to the Intelligence Bureau, 51 bomb blasts have done in 2019 from January to June. While after 4G banning, it has been dropped to 23.

219 Kashmiri people got recruited in the terrorist groups in 2018, 188 in 2019 and now 75 in 2020.





According to our analysis, we conclude that the 4G was banned in Jammu and Kashmir is just maintain peace and integrity over there. Initially, a lot of anti-nationalists used to say that article 370 could not be broken, and if Modi government would do this kind of injustice with J&K, then very big riots and protests including the destruction must be faced by the Indian government.

But fortunately, these anti-national activities has not been done yet against the Indian government. We are hoping that this matter of article 370 would have been solved soon.














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