Why North Korea Suddenly Cutts off all Communication with South Korea

Why North Korea Suddenly Cutts off all Communication with South Korea

North Korea ( Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea ) and South Korea ( Republic of Korea ) are the two close neighboring countries, but they are in too much controversies due to their personal issues. Now, The North Korea has broken communication setup with South Korea.

Why North Korea Suddenly Cutts off all Communication with South Korea
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Recent News;  

  • In the recent conversations, it has been heard that North Korea has broken every kind of communication link with South Korea. But the question arises that why North Korea cutts off all communication with South Korea.
  • As we know that, In between any two neighboring countries, if something wrong might happened based on political, social, economic matter, then both the countries should not cutts off communication links, so that each and every small dispute can be solved.

As per Korean Central News Agency ( KCNA ), North Korea says it will sever hotlines with South Korea. The North’s Korean Central Agency said all cross-border communication lines would be cut off in the first step of the determination to completely close all contact parameters with South Korea and get rid of unnecessary things.

Why North Korea Suddenly Cutts off all Communication with South Korea
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While on the other side, When South Korea tried to contact North Korea counterparts via various parameters even after the North Korea’s announcement, but the North Korea did not answer, Said South Korean Government.

Is it for the first time that North Korea has done like this ?

This is not for the first time that North Korea has done like this. North Korea does not reply whenever South Korea try to contact them by calls or faxes and then restored those  channels when tensions eased. North Korea has been accused at times of deliberately creating tensions to bolster internal unity or to signal its frustration over a lack of progress in nuclear talks with Washington.

Why North Korea Does this ?

North Korea does this because the citizens of North gets unite and that unity would be maintained if North Korea will do this kind of activity. In order to spread nationalism and tensions among the people of North Korea, Kim does this. Just like China has been creating tensions over the borders with India near Galwan Valley to produce nationalism in China, in the same way North Korea is also doing like that to promote unity among the North Koreans.

North Korean News Agency announced;  North Korea said Tuesday’s move was a response to South Korea’s failure to stop activists from floating anti-Pyongyang ( Capital of North Korea ) leaflets across their border.

Motive of South Koreans to sent balloons in North Korea

Actually the main motive of South Koreans is to aware the North Koreans about Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship. They just want to tell them that take stand against Kim Jong Un because every citizen of a country has some rights but in case of North Korea, no rights no freedom for North korean citizens. They just work only on the recommendation of Kim Jong Un. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is the official name of North Korea but in a actual way, there is no democracy over there.

While on other side, South Korea’s liberal government, which seeks improved relations with North Korea, said that Cross-border hotlines must be maintained as they are the basic means of communication between the two Koreans.

What are Hotlines ?

A hotlines are the point to point conversation links in which a phone call is automatically sent to the preselected target without any additional action by the users when the end instrument goes off-hook. For use in emergencies or for communication between heads of government.

Benefit of Hotlines;

By using hotlines, the phone call directly transfer to the actual destination. It means the officials of any two countries can conversate with each other for any dispute in order to solve it in a peacefull manner.

Hotline connection between India and Pakistan

On 20 June 2004, both India and Pakistan agreed to extend a nuclear testing ban and to set up an Islamabad – New Delhi hotline between their foreign secretaries aimed at ignoring misunderstandings that might lead to nuclear war. The hotline was set up with the assistance of United States military officers.

Hotlines of North Korea and South Korea 

Between North and South Korea there are over 49 direct phone lines, the first of which was opened in September 1971. Since 1971, North Korea deactivated hotlines eight times, the last time in Feb 2016.

After Kim Jong Un’s New Years address, the border hotline was reopened on 3 January 2018.

Importance of Hotline;

Hotlines have been established between the two Koreas to arrange diplomatic talks, deconflict military missions, coordinate air and sea traffic, hold discussions based on humanity and collaborate with economic issues.

Most of all, the South sees the lines as an important way to overcome misunderstandings in the event of crises. When they do not receive messages from hotline, then South Korean officials have sometimes used a bullhorn to shout messages across the border.


Now conclusion comes that North Korea has cuts off all the communication channels with the South Korea, and now have declared South Korea as an enemy country. There will be no contact between North Korea and South Korea. And due to this decision of North Korea, there will be the chances of creating tensions between these two neighboring countries.









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