|| World is Waiting ||, Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?

Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?

On 27 September 2020, both the countries i.e Armenia and Azerbaijan have started their cold war on the land issue named as ” Nagorno Karabakh “. Armenia is a Russian alliance country in terms of defence and now the question arises, Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?. This is because Turkey including ISIS and Pakistan have now started encircling Armenia.


Recent Defence News;


  • Turkey has sent ISIS+lybian terrorists in Azerbaijan for security help against Armenia. It has been estimated that at least 500+ terrorists have been sent to Azerbaijan by Turkey.


  • While on the other side, Pakistan also sent its troops to Azerbaijan against Armenia, which involves both Army troops and terrorists.


  • Recently, Turkey provided F-16 jets to Azerbaijan and shoot down the Sukhoi-25 of Armenia, which was taken from Russia.


  • Due to this tragedy, it is estimated that Armenia lost its 2400 soldiers and while on the other side Azerbaijan lost 900 soldiers.


  • Turkey has captured Armenia’s several kinds of arms and weapons from the Nagorno-Karabakh region. These arms and ammunition involve Rocket launchers, Artillery guns, grenades, Rifles etc.








Will Russia come in front to help Armenia? || If Possible then Why and How? ||


Behind the ongoing border issue of Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, there are growing signs of Russia’s old geopolitics, as Russia openly backs Armenia against Azerbaijan. Since its formation, Russia is mainly based on Orthodox Christianity. And it has always seen itself as the protector state of Slavic nations and Christians.


Actually, Russia has traditionally supported Armenia very much. Historically, Armenia has completely looked for Russia’s help for a long time regarding the ongoing issue on Nagorno-Karabakh with Azerbaijan. And now, the wait has been covered for Armenia for Russia’s help.


Russia and Armenia have tight military and economic tie-ups, which runs beyond the margins of a normal alliance. Like Syria, Armenia also hosts a Russian military base in the east of the country across Turkey, which had previously been contended by Moscow as part of Russia. Ankara, which has a military base in Azerbaijan, has historically allied with Azerbaijan against Armenia.


The Answere is YES, Russia will come in front to help Armenia because they have allianced with each under ” Collective Security Treaty Organisation “.


The Treaty says that if there is an attack on anyone countries which comes under this alliance, then there would be an attack on the whole Organisation. And all the 6 six-membered countries will be involved in the war without concerning anybody.


Point to be noted;

Turkey’s F-16 fighter jet shot down Armenia’s Su-25 via Azerbaijan.


Collective Security Treaty Organisation;



The CSTO ( Collective Security Treaty Organisation ) is a military alliance or cooperation that initiates the collective defence of any member that comes under external aggression. It also promotes for its to coordinate their efforts against terrorism, drug trafficking and other anti-national crimes.


Member Countries;


  • Armenia.


  • Belarus.


  • Kyrgystan.


  • Russia.


  • Tajikstan.


  • Uzbekistan.


Point to be noted;

As Turkey and Pakistan are involved in this battle and they have directly targeted CSTO.  Russian President Vladimir Putin said, ” We want to solve this matter by negotiation “. But right now, after the involvement of Turkey and Pakistan, Russia would involve itself strong on the behalf of Armenia.


Article 5 of the United Nations;


A member of the United Nations against which enforcement action has taken by the United Nation Security Council may be suspended from the working of rights and opportunities of the membership by the United Nation General Assembly on the recommendation of the UNSC ( Security Council ). The exercise of these rights and opportunities may be restored by the Security Council.


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Why Turkey including ISIS with Pakistan has involved in this ongoing battle?



Well, this issue has converted into religious matter and war zones because Pakistan and ISIS terrorists are also involved in this proxy warfare. Turkey is taking help from ISIS and Lybia’s terrorist against Armenia.


Somewhere Turkey funds these terrorist groups in order to become an emerging Islamic Power throughout the world and also wants to represent that it has a great leadership impact on small Islamic countries like Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq etc.


Point to be noted ( important );

Pakistan has not recognised Armenia as an independent country yet and always against it because Armenia-Azerbaijan land issue is as similar as Kashmir issue. While on the other side, Turkey and Azerbaijan supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue in the United Nations.


Armenia and Azerbaijan Comparision;


Global Ranking11164
Land Area29,745 km86,000 km
Population2.95 Million10 Million
GDP$11.50 Billion$45 Billion
Defence Budget$1.36 Billion$2.28 Billion
Nuclear Weapons00
Total Military261,542423,00
Combat Tanks140714
Total Artillery185416
Rocket Projectors75180
Total Aircraft115147
Combat Aircraft018
Attack Aircraft1014
Multi-role Aircraft413
Attack Helicopter2015
Transport Aircraft31




According to our analysis, we have concluded that Russia should help Armenia because Armenia is an alliance with Russia by CSTO and now Turkey, ISIS and Pakistan are also involved and encircling Armenia. So we think Russia should take some action to secure Armenia from Turkey, Azerbaijan, ISIS and Pakistan.













|| World is Waiting ||, Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?
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|| World is Waiting ||, Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?
Will Russia come in front to help Armenia?. This is because Turkey including ISIS and Pakistan have now started encircling Armenia.
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