Will there be a war between Indian and China ?

Will there be a war between Indian and China ?

Will there be a big war between India and China ? This is a very big controversy that is going on between India and China at Line of Actual Control ( LAC ). As in the recent days, we know that China and India are under going the border disputes. Due to which, both the security forces come in front of each other.

On 16 June 2020, Chinese troops come there at the border with some materialistic weapons like rods, belts, stones etc and attacked Indian troops but unfortunately Indian troops did not have any kind of weapon at that point of time. 16 Bihar Regiment was deployed over there and defend Chinese troops but at night, Chinese troops surrounded Indian soldiers and attacked them. In that tragedy, Indian lost some brave soldiers including Colonel Santosh Babu.

Recent News; 

In the recent confirmations, Indian and Chinese soldiers attacked each other due to the ongoing border issue. In that tragedy, almost 20 Indian soldiers martyred, while on the other side, China lost 43+ soldiers.

As per US satellite pictures that they have captured recently, China have lost 35 soldiers including one Commanding Officer while India have lost 20 soldiers.

Will there be a War between India and China ?

Indian government has given full orders to Indian Army to do what ever they and when ever is needed i.e tackle Chinese troops with normal guns, machine guns, tanks etc. That means India is now ready to defend China. So that is why, this kind of decision of Indian government may put China into shock.

There are possibilities of war between India and China, but actually China know that the big countries like United States, France, Russia, Germany, Israel and Australia are supporting India due to the coronavirus outbreak cause.  So somewhere China has been worrying about the war. While on the other side, India also does not want war because of some agreements.

Causes of this Indo-China Standoff ( Will there be a big war between India and China ) 

Will there be a war between Indian and China ?
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  • Since 1968, China has been interfering at the border line with India of approximately 4,056 km.
  • The proper demarcating of the borders has not been done yet.
  • At some contested areas, Chinese troops patrol and some times Indian soldiers patrol.
  • In Ladakh area near Galwan valley, the Uranium deposit is too much. That is why Chinese troops always try to come there in order to capture that area.
  • Also China spent $66 billion on CPEC project in POK to connect Karachi and Peshawar via railway line by 2020.
  • China is afraid of India’s attack on POK, which may affect the CPEC project.

CPEC Project;

Will there be a war between Indian and China ?
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The China Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) is an ongoing development massive project which leads to link Gwadar Port of Pakistan to China’s north west of Xinjiang of China via highways, pipelines and railways. China Pakistan Economic Corridor and its connection with Central Asia, Middle East and Africa will help to design whole region in a perfect manner.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity. This project will not only benefit China and Pakistan but will have positive impact on Iran as well. China Pakistan Corridor is journey towards economic regionalization in the globalized world. It founded peace, development and win model for all of them.

It is hope of better region of the future with peace, development and growth of country. CPEC vision and targets to enhance the lives of people of Pakistan and China by building an economic corridor promoting bilateral connection, construction explore potential bilateral investment, economic and trade, logistics and people to people contact for regional connection. It involves;

  • Cooperation in livelihood areas.
  • Financial cooperation.
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Tourism Cooperation and Connectivity.
  • Energy cooperation.
  • Agricultural development and poverty alleviation.
  • Integrated Transport and IT system including road, rail, port and communication channels etc.


Features of CPEC;

  • Transport infrastructure including road, railway, aviation etc.
  • It consists of Energy which involves coal, hydel, LNG, wind, solar etc.
  • CPEC also involve industrial setup and investment.
  • Gwadar ( including port and city and Gwadar region socio-economic development ).
  • Any other area of interest mutually agreed.

CPEC Significance;

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has a great significance in the development of both the region which involves;

  • It will initiates Financial Cooperation.
  • Industrial Cooperation.
  • Tourism setup.
  • It involves health care facilities.
  • Education connectivity.
  • Diverse investment opportunities.
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Enhance Security and Stability of the region.










No. of Projects





$756 Million

$30 Million

$10 Million

This is a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under which both China and Pakistan are contributing with Chinese investment of $66 billion.


There are a lot of reasons why India and China stand off always takes place since 1968 at Line of Actual Control ( LAC ).  Now, Indian govt. has said that,” baat cheet hai Jaari but puri hai Tayari “. It means Indian government has given orders to Indian security forces to take actions against Chinese interfere at Line of Actual Control. We are wishing that this conflict would be solved as soon as possible.




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